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Compensate nearly 3 billion, the lady driving BMW gets the victims to apply for a dismissal

Updated: 17 Jun, 2019 lúc June 17, 2019
Although the owner of a large restaurant but due to the loss of business, the lady who died at the Hang Xanh intersection had to borrow nearly 14 billion dong.
Entering the interrogation section, the Panel asked questions of the accused who caused an accident for those who were accused. Nguyen Thi Nga shook her head without remembering.
Regarding the cause of the accident, Russia accused him of drinking alcohol in his child's birthday party earlier and when he saw the red light, he was caught in a high heel shoe, causing an accident.
Responding to the Panel's questions about not having a driver's license but still controlling the car on the road, whether it is legal, Ms. Nga admitted that it was not correct but claimed that the accused is going to school to get a degree.
Compensate nearly 3 billion, the lady driving BMW gets the victims to apply for a dismissal
Defendant Nguyen Thi Nga answered the question of the Panel
Before the accusation of the accused, the chairman analyzed the consequences of alcohol as the cause of the accident. The law prohibits drinking alcohol before driving with heavy penalties.
“The defendant almost knows everything but can't know it. This error is unintentional but the accused must foresee the consequences of alcohol use while driving ... ”, the chairman emphasized.
Bowing to show remorse, Russian accused nodded in acknowledging that the chairman's words were correct. "The accused knew his behavior and how much money could not compensate for his life and health for the harmed," the Russian accused choked. 
According to the Russian accused, during the bail, the defendant joined the lawyer to meet the families of the victims to make a compensation agreement. Accordingly, each victim's family Nguyen Thi Kim Phung and Ho Huu Dinh each received 1 billion VND; Cao Tan Tai victim 800 million. 
Compensate nearly 3 billion, the lady driving BMW gets the victims to apply for a dismissal
Late tears of the accused. Photo: Thanh Tung  
Defendant Russia acknowledged, VKS prosecuted criminal charges against the accused is completely unjust. “The defendant knows that his behavior is so great that he cannot compensate. The accused apologized, the accused also had children, so the accused also understood the loss of the uncles. The defendant promised to be responsible for the children of his uncles, "the Russian defendant could not hold back his tears as he turned toward the victims' representatives, apologizing. The defendant expressed his wish, after serving the return penalty will be a member of the family of harms.
Showing sympathy to the accused, the father of victim Nguyen Thi Kim Phung bass said: "The accident happened cannot compensate for the pain for my family, but I hope that the Panel will reduce the penalty for the accused ... ".
Cao Tan Tai's father, said that the two sides agreed on civil matters, so they had no further comments and also expected the Panel to reduce penalties for the accused.
At the moment, all the victims have petitioned against Russia.
Compensate nearly 3 billion, the lady driving BMW gets the victims to apply for a dismissal
The whole scene of the trial. Photo: Thanh Tung  
Answering questions of lawyers about family circumstances, accused Russia said, there are 3 children, including 1 child with autism, the foreign husband is nearly 80 years old of the accused. The accused husband currently has heart disease and cancer. Before causing an accident, due to business losses, banks had to borrow nearly 14 billion dong. After causing an accident, the defendant also had to borrow and ask the family to support him to compensate the victims.
At the end of the interrogation section, before stepping into the debate, VKS presented its views on the case. Accordingly, the Russian accused of driving a car without a driver's license, the alcohol content exceeds the prescribed level. The defendant's behavior was very serious, causing the death of Mrs. Nguyen Thi Kim Phung and injuring many others. Therefore, a strict judgment is required to prevent and prevent common. However, the accused has sincerely declared and compensated the victims, families of the victims also filed a petition, so VKS proposed to punish the defendants from 36-42 months in prison.