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Vì sao 70% người thành công đều là người hướng nội?

Cập nhật: 01 thg 4, 2019 lúc tháng 3 31, 2019

Inward look is not a defect, it is also worthy of appreciation and praise. Introverted nature can also have a rich and wonderful life because you are the best version of yourself.
Successful people are all talkative people, can speak with confidence in front of everyone. In many people's eyes, extroverts are more easily successful than introverts, but the reality shows that, among those who are successful, the rate of introverts is much more than extrovert.

Einstein, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Steven A. Spielberg, Murakami Haruki ... 70% of successful people in the world are introverts. Why? This article will tell you, on the road to success, although extroverts have more opportunities, but introverts can also succeed in their own way. 

"It can't be, you have to step out of your world" 

"Why don't you say anything, do something so cold!" 

“Looking inward like that, how can I make friends afterwards? What to do when you go to work, such a person can't do leadership. ”

Have you ever heard such sayings? Everyone advises you to give up your inward personality. Introverts like you always seem to be tagged by others for human fear, inferiority, unhappy, not funny .... 

But, do you really understand what is introverted? Do you really understand introverts?

In a social environment like this, most people love outgoing people, being an introvert, they always feel pressured, feel they are not loved. However, in Susan Cain's TED lecture, we can see that introverts can absolutely create value for the world with their limitless abilities.

Inward look is not a defect, it is also worthy of appreciation and praise.

The spiritual energy of the extrovert is always outward, so they are active and socially friendly, while the inner energy of the introverts is directed inside, so they care about the inner world more mindful, quieter, prefer to be alone and think more.

The following 12 things will help you better understand introverts and why they succeed.

1. Likes to be alone is my choice

Most people are afraid of the feeling that no one is there, because it is easy to think around alone, and the introverts, they always enjoy the time alone. Introverts are not afraid to socialize, not participating in social activities is simply their choice.

2. Know how to listen to, know empathy with others

The introvert is very quiet, doesn't like to talk much, but knows how to listen and sympathize with others. When you are sad, the extrovert will listen to you and then take you out to play, and the introvert will listen and sad with you. When it is difficult, needing someone who understands me, having such a soul mate is the happiest thing in the world.

3. Very dedicated and deep

Introverts, most of them have hobbies that can do it alone like reading or writing articles, many years of training make them become very dedicated, and thought is also very deep.

4. Fun is actually very simple, simplicity is fun

Introverts are not unhappy, they are just enjoying another kind of fun, such as reading a book, watching a movie, listening to a piece of music ... without disturbing anyone, they don't need anything too much.

5. Thinking carefully before speaking, everything has proof

This is a very rare quality, but it is often misunderstood as shy, unattractive. Introverts are just a little more cautious, things that I don't know will not speak out to avoid confusing others.

6. Silence is instinctive, reliable

The introvert is extremely reliable, very knowledgeable. Everyone knows that you are not a casual speaker, nor are you the one who met you.

7. Saving but not treating yourself

Introverts can happily stay indoors, not going out doesn't mean their social ability is poor, but sometimes they find it unnecessary. At home can also live a very interesting way, they are not bored but spend miscellaneous money, when they want to play, they will definitely not abuse themselves.

8. Do not open the mouth often, but open a sentence that is worth the sentence

After all, what you say is not important, how to say it is important. Introverts do not like to say useless things, not because they are "impossible", but they "do not want". Talk must be key, do not like to follow others.

9. Great leaders, styles like no other

Contrary to what you think, an introvert can become a very talented leader. They may not like to talk, but they know how to respect the needs of others, know how to think strategically, how to come up with ideas that are worth treating. Introverts who manage extroverts in their teams are also very stylish.

10. Understand very well what you want

Many people do not understand themselves, thinking forever why I became like that. But the introvert is not, they always understand themselves, know what they want, always listen to their inner voice.

11. Amazing creative ability

Introverts have a quality that not every extrovert has. How rich their world is, only they know, a lot of artists, great philosophers are all "not very good at communicating."

12. Few friends but are quality friends

Maybe their friends are not much, but once they are friends they will be lifelong friends. They don't make friends for many, but make friends because they are trustworthy, and understand themselves.

Introvert is not a defect. Introverted nature can also have a rich and wonderful life because you are the best version of yourself.