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PUBG Mobile: Top 5 mẹo ghìm tâm chuẩn và mới nhất 2019

Updated: 12 Mar, 2019 lúc 11:39 AM
In the PUBG Mobile game, one of the winning decision skills is the grip of the gun, each gun has a different way of minding because of the different recoil. Tips to mind  PUBG Mobile in addition to control skills, you have to combine many other factors, if PUBG Mobile gamers have not controlled their weapons well, please refer to a few tips below this article.

1. Practice a lot at "Training Mode"

PUBG Mobile: Top 5 standard and latest tips of 2019
If you play PUBG Mobile on your phone, you will not be able to drag the mouse to hold it, so the way to secure your phone will be based on the shooting mode and distance. And the most effective distance to mind is 50m (depending on terrain, it will be lower), and tap from 3-4 members in this distance, and below 10m, you can fan continuously. When you play PUBG Mobile with your mouse and keyboard, if you want to take the best care, you have to practice by dragging the mouse when shooting, you can go to Training Mode to practice your mindfulness.

2. Customize touch sensitivity

PUBG Mobile: Top 5 standard and latest tips of 2019
When installing PUBG Mobile game, especially interested in adjusting speed (touch sensitivity). Touching and manipulating controls on the phone screen have its own characteristics. When you just accidentally touch any point on the screen while fighting can also make the game control change. Game control sensitivity is something you should think about in PUBG Mobile. Depending on your processing ability, you can adjust the sensitivity according to different levels. Sensitivity adjustment also significantly affects the recoil of the gun because when it comes to controlling your control, shooting will be much better.

3. Sit or lie down when shooting

PUBG Mobile: Top 5 standard and latest tips of 2019
In the PUBG Mobile game you will see the AR gun line with different jerks like true 1, sitting 0.8, lying 0.6. This means that when standing the recoil will be 100%, sitting is 80% and when lying is 60%. When shooting, you should try to sit or lie down to reduce the recoil, you should not choose to stand and shoot while the recoil is 100%.

4. Select Auto shooting mode

PUBG Mobile: Top 5 standard and latest tips of 2019
Auto firing mode is the most flexible shooting mode for all gamers, because in this mode the player can shoot 1, or shoot 3 shots at a time. Except for guns that only have Burst mode and Single mode. For guns with single shot mode such as DMR line (except M14 EBR and VSS) and Sniper, the range of use is usually from mid-range to pour because if used at close range, players will have to switch to the gun again to attack because DMR and Sniper are not flexible if they meet AR or SMG at close range.

5. Attach all accessories to the gun

PUBG Mobile: Top 5 standard and latest tips of 2019
If you are not confident about your ability to be mindful, the M416 is equipped with a shock absorber, grip, and grip to be the lifeline to help you be better. In addition, players also have to equip their weapons with expanded ammunition tape, expansion tape instead of rapid expansion. This accessory will help your weapons expand the number of your bullets, just in case the bullet is discharged, but the low hit rate will still have a chance to finish the opponent.