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Động vật có cần chải răng không?

Cập nhật: 01 thg 4, 2019 lúc tháng 3 31, 2019

At least twice a day brushing your teeth is the advice that most of us have been advised by adults since childhood, even when people brush their teeth many times, each time after eating.
In general, dental care such as brushing, gargling and even using dental floss, is of great concern to us, if we do not want to eat our 50th birthday with an empty mouth . But in animals? They do not take care of their teeth, but we wonder if they suffer from dental symptoms like humans?

Before answering the question "Do animals need to brush their teeth?", Let's find out why we need to brush teeth, the benefits of dental care for humans.
Before answering the question "Do animals need to brush teeth?", Let's find out why we need to brush teeth, the benefits of dental care for humans., Brushing teeth, brushing teeth, animals, Interesting things in life Source: Pexel
The fact that people must brush their teeth is related to the foods we eat. Every day, we consume a variety of different foods that we know that there are good and necessary things for the body, health but also foods that are not healthy and not good either. for our teeth.

Tooth decay is a fairly common condition, when eating processed foods, the acidity of our mouths increases, allowing bacteria to erode and damage our teeth. These acids are produced by the effects of bacteria and carbohydrates in cooked food that we eat every day. For animals, the main reasons they don't need to brush their teeth like we include

1. Diet
Unlike humans, wild animals often do not eat processed foods, whether they are carnivores or herbivores. They only eat mostly fresh food and drink plain water. Therefore, they do not suffer from the effects of refined sugar or soft drinks like humans. Therefore, wild animal teeth are naturally protected by the fresh food they eat. Unlike domestic pets, we often feed them with processed foods for dogs, cats and livestock ... So with pets we still have to brush their teeth for food. There are also no refined sugars like human food, they also face the risk of cavities like us.

2. Short life
Another reason is that most animals have a shorter lifespan than humans. It seems that animal teeth have a longer life expectancy. In other words, animals often do not live long enough until their teeth are damaged.

3. Replace teeth regularly
There are a number of animals, not all, that naturally replace teeth. These are predators with fatal bites like crocodiles and sharks, which tend to shed their teeth and grow new teeth more often than other animals. In fact, a shark named scientific Carcharhiniformes lost 35,000 teeth during their lifetime. For crocodiles, they can replace more than 40 sets of teeth in their life cycle. Just by comparing the number of teeth that we have replaced with this species, we can easily understand why they do not need to take care of teeth like humans. These animals are constantly changing teeth, why should they care?

4. Clean teeth naturally
Animals have a few ways to clean natural teeth without having to use a brush like humans. Herbivores, which are raw, fiber-rich plants that need to chew food for a long time to be more easily digested (because fiber is an undigested substance), should be inadvertently inadvertently The chewing process, the fiber also helps their teeth clean naturally. Another example for cats, such as tigers, lions, etc., in their saliva has a high concentration of pH to help natural disinfection, prevent tooth decay. For rodents such as rats, their teeth are not replaced but grow continuously to compensate for the wear that they have used to chew continuously.

So thanks to the favor of mother nature, from the dental structure to the body structure that most animals do not need to brush teeth like humans. Today, people also begin to have nutritious diets, returning to nature to protect their natural health as well as having a healthier system of teeth. That's the reason why animals don't need to brush their teeth like humans, do you agree? If only we could have such mechanisms?