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Impressive secrets about Christmas that you may have never heard of

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Christmas, Christmas day is also known as Christmas day, an important and quite familiar holiday for all of us or Christians. But Christmas not only has the opening of gift packages or decorations of houses, pine trees, caves, behind it, there are also many interesting and meaningful facts about this centuries-old, traditional holiday. . Let's explore and have a wonderful and wonderful Christmas!
1. Photos of Santa Claus (Santa Claus or Saint Nicholas)
Santa Claus is an indispensable symbol on Christmas day, a kind-hearted, good Saint giving gifts to children, the image of Santa today is known by most children as a tall, fat and fat old man. gentle. However, few know that the first depiction of Santa Claus's image is actually a symbol of discipline and strictness. 

A Coca Cola advertisement in the 1930s affected the image of Santa Claus today, in the advertisement, he appeared to be a big old man with a warm, gentle white beard. created by Haddon Sundblom at that time

2. Letters to Santa
Writing to Santa wants the wish to become a reality that most children do on Christmas day. Letters often begin with "Dear Santa Claus", because of a small misunderstanding, in the United States, these letters are sent to Santa Claus, a small town in Spencer County, Indiana.

3. Scary Christmas night
Ghost story Christmas night is a tradition that is no longer on Christmas night. In the last century, this activity was quite popular, all relatives and friends spun together on Christmas Eve and told each other horror stories to enjoy the cold winter air.

4. The fate of Christmas trees after the Holiday season
Today people often use fake Christmas trees to be easily cleaned and reused for the following year. However, for some places people often use real pine trees to decorate, after Christmas, some zoo will receive donations of pine trees as food for animals here.

5. The best-selling Christmas singers of all time
Christmas songs are an indispensable part of the feast day, bustling melodies make us look forward to more. Famous songs like "We wish you a Christmas Christmas", "Jingle Bell", "Mary's Boy Child", ... are almost familiar to us. However, do you know that the best-selling Christmas music album of all time is Irving's White Christmas with over 100 million copies released so far.

Enjoy this gentle Christmas song!

Another interesting thing about Christmas music
Another interesting thing about Christmas, Christmas, interesting things in life Source: Google
Paul McCartney, a former member of the famous band The Beatles, earned nearly half a million dollars for his Christmas songs while some music critics said it was Paul's worst songs.

6. Strange Christmas in Newfoundland
Newfoundland is a large island in Canada. A strange tradition at Christmas here, a department called Mummers, bizarre Christmas costumes, going from house to house in parties and dancing while the landlord is fixed determine who these people are because most of them are wearing masks.

7. Christmas of the Swedish people
A large part of the Swedes began celebrating their Christmas night by gathering to watch animated episodes of Donald Duck, a classic Disney cartoon character from the 1960s.

8. Safe Christmas in Columbia
Christmas 2010, the Columbia government organized a campaign, they covered the natural pine trees in the forest by the decorations, led lights and banners. The purpose of this campaign was to target the Columbia Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC Guerrilas, considered a terrorist organization), when FARC members passed, the banners would call them to drop their weapons and stop fighting. This campaign has helped 331 members of this organization to give up fighting and socialize again.

9. Warm Christmas amidst a blazing bullet
At Christmas in 1914, it was also the time of the First World War, which took place in the Western Front, where confrontation between German and British soldiers was fought. On the week before Christmas and on this day, a series of fronts stopped here and crossed trenches, and the soldiers sat together, exchanging gifts, exchanging prisoners, holding together. funerals for soldiers who sacrificed, organized friendly football matches. This is a story filled with people who read through it feels warm

10. Bohemian Rhapsody
Queen is a successful and impressive band with a unique style of performance and music, the newly released Bohemian Rhapsody film in November 2018 tells the story of the critics of Freddie Mercury. The price is the best "Rock n 'Roll" movie of all time. The Bohemian Rhapsody song is one of the only singles ranked in the No. 1, 2 times Christmas singles chart. The first time was in 1975 and the second was 1991. 
Have you felt interesting and prepared to be ready for a warm and cozy Christmas season with your family and friends? There are still many interesting things around this holiday. See you in another article, wish all readers a great Christmas!