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Mật vụ Mỹ và những điều có thể bạn chưa biết

Cập nhật: 01 thg 4, 2019 lúc tháng 3 31, 2019

The US Secret Service is known to us who are always following the presidency. This is an important force in security control at the White House and also the safety assurance for important figures in the US state apparatus. Here are some interesting facts about US Secret Service that you may not know.
1. They are an organization with many members
When talking about US Secret Service agents, we often think of them as Presidentially trained security guards with very limited numbers. However, in fact, the US Secret Service now has about 6,500 employees including: 3,200 agents, 1,300 officer officers and 2,000 technical and administrative staff working for two different ministries: task case in the National Treasury and Security mission.

2. The original US Secret Service was not to protect the President
You may not know at first that US Secret Service forces were formed to prevent and investigate counterfeiting of currencies, bonds and commercial frauds that harm the US economy. The Secret Service was then tasked with investigating everything from homicide to bank robbery and illegal gambling. 

After the assassination of President William McKinley in 1901, Congress approved the right to protect the president for the Secret Service. In addition to that task, currently Secret Service agents still do other jobs at the National Treasury on financial matters. 

3. They not only protect the president
The protection of the Secret Service is not only for the President, but for his whole family. As well as protecting the Vice President, the family of the former President, the presidential candidates and they also protect the President's guests as well as other individuals who are personally protected by the President.

4. They are very strict recruits
The minimum requirement to be a future agent is that he or she must have a US citizen's license, have a valid license and have a 20/20 vision both eyes and 21 to 37 years of age office However, the veterans introduced are entitled to submit even if they are over 37 years old. Secret Service agents will be well trained in using weapons and trained for melee cases, in addition they use Motorola radios and other devices to maintain communication and use type reading codes. 1 to protect the transmission line.

5. They were trained with the assassination cases of the President and survived the accident
Before an important event takes place, the Secret Service will provide possible scenarios for the assassination of the President and they will be rehearsed properly. In addition to such activities, Secret Service agents are still trained on regular skills every 8 weeks. 

6. They may be emergency
Each employee has minimal medical skills and can save the injured people before the ambulance arrives at the scene. And any presidential route that will pass through events will be prepared with special medical rooms.

7. They always store blood bags with the blood group with the President
Secret Service agents are always ready to take advantage of their medical skills in emergency situations and they can even transmit blood to the President when something goes wrong. To ensure safety in all situations, US agents always carry blood with the same blood group as the President.

8. Secret Service has its own nicknames for the President's family
For some safety reasons and to use nicknames in telegrams, Secret Service agents often use their own nicknames for the President and his family members. For example, former President Barack Obama was called "Renegade", his wife was called "Renaissance" and his two daughters were "Radiance" and "Rosebud".

9. Motion sensor on the floor of the Oval Office
The Secret Service has a rule that should never leave the President alone. However, if the President wants to be alone, wants to close the Oval Office and leave the staff outside, they will monitor the movement in the room as well as potential threats based on the data of motion sensor mounted under the floor. 

10. They must be wary of all threats, even letters
In addition to those on duty to keep close to the President's family, the Secret Service is also watching and taking precautions against the threat of assault and assassination of the President, even if letters are sent must go through their inspection. 

11. They are always watching and constantly taking photos
When the presidential events took place, the Secret Service constantly took pictures of everything that happened and put a lot of cameras to record everything. This will help them grasp the situation around them and detect the dangers, if something goes wrong they will quickly find the cause. 

12. They must share their interests with the President
When there is a rule that the President cannot be alone, Secret Service agents will have to follow daily activities and share interests with the President. When the President wants to run, skate or go hiking, there will always be Secret Service agents involved.

13. Only one Secret Service died during the time of serving the President
When the Secret Service vows to sacrifice their lives for the benefit of the President, it is voluntary. However, in the entire history of the US Secret Service, only one agent died while on duty. That person was Leslie Coffelt, who died while on duty to protect President Harry Truman on November 1, 1950. 

14. The founding of the US Secret Service was the day of President Abraham Lincoln's assassination
The late President Abraham Lincoln signed an ordinance to establish the US Secret Service after the Minister of Finance Hugh McCullough presented his idea on the morning of April 14, 1865. And that evening President Lincoln went to the Ford Theater, where he was shot in the head.

15. They do not wear black glasses
In the movies, all Secret Service agents always wear black suits, black glasses and headphones with twisted wires. Real Secret Service agents are less likely to wear dark glasses, because wearing glasses causes them to have limited visibility and may miss the danger from an unusual light.

16. Their hands are always ready
If you take a closer look at the photos of the Secret Service, you may find that most of them often keep their hands around the waist area. The position of the fingers may be different, but the meaning is the same - this is a ready position to quickly withdraw weapons at any time in unexpected attacks.