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Discover why clown images make many people frightened?

Cập nhật: 17 thg 6, 2019 lúc tháng 6 17, 2019

This fear begins with: 'You cannot know who they are. You can't look at their faces or guess what their true feelings are under the mask. '
Clowns are popular characters, appearing in parks, circuses, this character carries many cheerful features but strange, many people are obsessed with this image.

General perception
Rami Nader - psychologist and director of North Shore Hospital specializing in anxiety and stress in Vancouver (Canada) said: The psychological roots of clown fear may be related to the fact that clowns often have to dress up. very thick, hiding true feelings and always smiling.

Psychology professor Frank Farley, who works at Temple University (USA), has the same opinion. "The clowns hide their natural faces. This raises doubts," the professor said. Because the clowns always smile while we tend not to trust those who appear overly happy. 

All the facial contours like the eyes, the nose, the mouths of the clowns are exaggerated. They are both familiar and strange. Even the clown's face brings a sense of danger and becomes the foundation of fear. Before this situation, the nervous system will alert the mind and body to respond to the threat.

The mental illness developed rapidly
Fear of clowns is a disease named scientific Coulrophobia. People with this disease carry an obsession with the face of the clown. At mild levels, patients will have feelings of insecurity; heavier, they will appear more extreme emotions like crying, fainting ... when seeing the faces of clowns. 

In recent decades, this disease has suddenly developed strongly in Europe. The stories of clowns or demonic clown phrases, clowns of more and more metamorphosis appear to make many people who are not afraid also feel aroused. 

A study by scientists at Sheffield University (UK) offers amazing information. Accordingly, all 250 4 - 16 year olds participating in the psychological test expressed a fear or dislike of the clowns. 

Researchers say there are two main causes for this disease. One is fear due to negative experiences with a clown from an early age. Secondly, the mass media has created an exaggeration, deviation about evil clowns, so much so that even those who do not come into contact with the clown become dislike or feel afraid. 

Modern obsession
Referring to the modern clown, many will immediately remember Emmett Kelly - a legendary artist with the character Weary Willie. With expressive expression and special voice, Kelly became a famous star in the 30s of the twentieth century.  

Contrary to the glory on stage, his private life is a mess. Kelly's wife submitted a divorce application after a period of coexistence. She recounted that Kelly's clown character had a heavy impact on her husband's personality.  

Kelly often laughs horribly while sleeping, always wearing makeup in her home ... Emmett Kelly Jr. - Emmett Kelly's son was also very successful with his clown role as his father but his wife also divorced with a similar cause. 

Two artists Bob Kane and Bill Finger of DC Comics comics have also contributed to worsening the image of clowns with the legendary Joker. It was a clown with a white face, green hair, a red lips, a sneer and ridiculous laughter and an eye that always poked at the dark mind of the other person. It can be said that Joker is the most haunting and attractive villain of all time. And it is this that makes clown-fear disease more and more popular in society. 

We often think that clowns are funny characters, bringing laughter to others. However, for some, the clown is like a horrible obsession. Until now, medicine has given psychological treatment regimens for people with this strange obsession. However, it is not yet possible to confirm, those who are cured can eliminate the clownish images of clowns from their heads ...