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Discover the secret of birth month and precious stones

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The splendid stones add even more meaning when it is attached to you through the month of birth.
January _ Learn Hong Luu (Garnet) _ Patronage
Stone Hong Luu, the most precious stone in the era of Roman Empire decline, was brought on by the adventurers at that time with the aim of "chasing evil and lighting the night". And strangely, the belief in the relationship between this stone and patronage also appears in the Aztecs in central America and the East Asian tribes as they fought away from the school with this stone. with me hoping to survive. Pomegranate is necessary for those who need sponsorship on long journeys or any journey in life 

February_ Amethyst _Smartness
In the Greek myth, Dionysus (the god of wine and drunkenness) once floating with anger at the hospitality he was rejected by a human being, he vowed to punish any mortal he encountered. And then he saw Amethyst. It was a girl on her way to pray with Artemis. To help the innocent girl avoid death, this god turned her into a white statue. Before that scene, the drunken spirit could not help but be moved by the clarity of the statue and regretted his thoughtless actions, pouring his wine bottle over the statue, staining it into a purple color. pale. 

Taking advantage of the power of the stone, the Greeks often carried it with them or wrapped their wine baskets with amethyst.

The Aquamarine stone has the color of the sea, which gives the watchers a ripple of peace and peace. 

This stone is often caught in the Egyptian tomb, a stone for the souls to rest in peace.

April_ Diamond_ Strength
Obviously when it comes to diamonds, we mention strength, a beauty that challenges the whole time. 

Every couple wants a diamond to witness their love, splendor and longevity.

May_Study of the emerald_High hopes
The green that this stone carries on itself is often referred to as the green of young grass, of spring and rebirth. This is a meaningful gift for those who need a reminder that winter will not last forever or just a small chapter that you need to turn to, start a new chapter. 

June_ Alexandrite_Love
Normally, this stone carries only a pale green or yellow hue. However, when exposed to multicolored light (sunlight), its color changes on a color scale from red to purple depending on the light intensity and your viewing angle. 

This is a symbol suitable for love because Alexandrite is not only a color and love not only a monotonous bow. It all depends on how people feel. 

The special thing of this stone is its color. That crimson color is not due to being absorbed from the environment and reflected in my eyes. 

The similarity between the color of Ruby stone and the color of blood is the reason why people take it as a symbol of Vitality and Physical Strength. That is a reasonable answer for why the medieval period, on the royal banquet table, people always wish each other health with ruby-glass cups.

August_Peridot_Nice beautiful
Peridot reach Europe is probably brought by expeditionary warriors, they are used to decorate ancient churches. Two hundred carats of Peridot stone are used to decorate the Three Kings Tomb at Cologne Cathedral, Germany.

The olive green color of the shining stone even in the dark is like you.

September_ Lapis Lazuli_ Honesty
This stone has long been associated with sincerity in friendships. 

Moreover, like the blue of the heavens, the stone is supposed to counter the trail of dark spirits and the plea for help, the gods' support for light and wisdom.

October_ Rubellite_Heals
People are still not sure about the color of this stone because almost none of these two members are really the same. Their existence remained unknown until the 1800s because it was previously mistaken for other rocks. 

The stone famous for this healing power may be an explanation for the long-standing existence of the British Queen's empire now.

Gold quartz is the rarest type of quartz available today.

Its yellow color is considered by many experts as sunlight and has a connection with it. And that wearing this stone helps to improve the spirit and remind yourself of the preciousness of things around you. It's true that it is the stone of Thanksgiving month. 

December_Green stone_Enjoy you
In Turkey, a gift of this stone is synonymous with a friend connection. However, in order for the stone's power to develop, the donor must have received the same dish from another friend. Is it strange?