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Updated: 12 Mar, 2019 lúc 12:48 PM
Hello to the Events Master
Despite having gone through many tournaments, many of the League of Legends versions, when it comes to players using the Assistant, will not have many names associated with a general who makes a brand like ProE with Alice. Partly because the position of Assistant is not a position that can be easily used, as well as the power of the assistants without symmetry. So how did ProE play the position of Assistant to Alice to become an indispensable brand in the most highly qualified Inter League tournaments? Let's find out with the Council by analyzing right below.

How to use Alice to start the match?

Many Grandmasters think that when playing in the position of Assistant, the Masters must be close to their Gunners in the early stages of the match. However, this is a completely wrong concept when Assistant in the Inter-Military Arena is a completely different position than any moba game. The Assistant in the Coalition must be the defender of the Forest Walkers in the early stages of the battle, to combine and support Mid-Line players in their ability to push the road early so that they can move as soon as possible to take advantage of other positions. , is the first person to step up to harass the opponent causing some discomfort, and also the one who brings important information to the team
In the semi-final match between the Flash team and AHQ AIC 2018. Alice in ProE's hand is always the first shield to give the Forestman the most comfort to increase his strength, besides he is always beside next to the Mid-way Magician position to become a mobile eye to get the best information and protection for the 2nd main force. Currently the Assassins are capable of going to gank extremely strongly in the period. In the early part of the match, the Mastermasters play the Assistant to have a good view of the whole game to keep up their 2 main positions as a Magician along with the maximum safe Gunner / Assassin. So the early stage of a talented Assistant is not easy.

Use reasonable skills

First of all, Alice possesses the ability to blink quickly, assisting her allies to easily access and infiltrate more surprising opponents. And once the opponent formation is disordered, Alice will have more space, as well as more options to try to stun as many targets as possible with her Time Explosion. In particular, ProE always uses Time Flow. It does not reasonably cause a silent effect and slows down by 35%. This is an important skill that helps Alice disturb the rival lineup. The Events of the General use the ultimate technique to prevent the enemy's advance
Another skill of Alice that the Grandmasters should note is that the Inactivity can not be used to prevent any enemies who are intending to approach your sniper. But that is not all, as soon as Alice and the gunner are approached, the Time Shield will immediately be activated. Many Sue Generals often do not overestimate this skill, when the shield output is not high. But don't look at the numbers that are too dry, instead, focus on how your team's movement speed is increased by 30% in those two seconds. This is the key to the gunner, or other key allied positions, to have more mobility and to choose a good position in fighting.

Choose from the lineup and tactics

Alice possesses the ability to perfectly tell the generals, the ability to launch fighting as well as support is extremely great. So the Grandmasters can fully compatible with many different tactics. Wanting to attack, speed up the game, Alice will be the perfect choice when pairing with high-profile snipers like Violet, Lindis. Continuously purging, squeezing the opponent's angle with a long range, Alice will bring some discomfort. However, any work must have a certain basis. The Warriors often use equipment to increase their mobility like the Exalted Shoes soon, combine the Command of the Spirit or the Spirit Ring to obtain the ability to protect and capture better information if the skill is not yet exported. As sharp as ProE.
Once you play in the defensive trend, Alice will be a good choice for preservation for the gunners who need a lot of equipment and some lack of mobility like Slimz, Yorn or Moren. Flexible according to each version and style of play of the teams, so it is not uncommon for her stand to be relatively firm, despite the fierce competition from the heavy colleague after birth. like Annette or Sephera too.