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Hơn 200 người bị bắt ở Trung Quốc vì hack game

Updated: 12 Mar, 2019 lúc 12:41 PM

PUBG Corp and Tencent announced that more than 200 people were arrested in China for developing hack / cheat software for survival shooter PUBG.
On February 26,  PUBG  Corp announced the result of in-game fraud protection on the homepage. Accordingly, the company has collaborated with the publisher Tencent and the authorities to scan the hack / cheat software development behaviors. There are more than 200 objects net legal.
“In order to prevent the spread of fraudulent software, we are working with law enforcement and overseas offices to carry out strong legal actions at home and abroad. Below are the results of the legal actions taken in 2018 with close cooperation with Tencent ”, the team fights notification fraud on the homepage.
Accordingly, only in April 2018, more than 141 people were arrested by police in Nanjing (China). In October 2018, another 34 were arrested in Wenzhou. In addition, more than 50 others were arrested in many other provinces.
Hon 200 people in China and hacked games hinh anh 1
Police arrested more than 200 people for fraudulent software development. Photo:  PUBG Corp
Besides, this team also said that they have handled huge amounts of information. Only within 3 months, from 23/8/8/11/2018, the group analyzed 3 TB of game history, more than 60 match log logs and 10 million daily denunciations.
Therefore, since the launch of the feedback system in August 2018, 83% of players accused of using fraudulent software are permanently banned. The strength of this team contributes to making PUBG more tight and the situation of hackers is reduced.
Hon 200 people in China and hacked game hinh anh 2
The amount of information sent home to issue about hacking problems is huge. Photo:  PUBG Corp
The hacking / cheat problem caused the game to have been at the top of the glory of the slumped game industry and turned away by fans. Therefore, the publisher 's hard move will help PUBG partly regain the player' s trust.
In addition to the Chinese government, PUBG Corp is cooperating with South Korean police to eliminate hacks in this country. The manufacturer promises to publish the results of the investigation as soon as possible.
On the other hand, China has always been known as the "paradise" of fraudulent software. Even the popular game now is Apex Legends is appearing fraud tools such as Aim bot, hack wall (looking through the wall). The price of each software is offered for sale from 1 to 450 USD .

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Streamer ElmZero uses hacking software  Video TL Rogue accuses ElmZero gamers of using aimbot publicly when streamed.