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Hình ảnh của 'đầu gấu' các nước trông như thế nào?

Cập nhật: 01 thg 4, 2019 lúc tháng 3 31, 2019

Bear heads are not the notorious gangsters or rich gentlemen hiding illegal acts. These are just "thugs" or low-class people who have unkind acts in society. However, bears in each country also have many unique characteristics, their own 'cultural font'. Let's explore the characteristics of their identity in different countries.
France - Racaille
Racaille in French means dead, bad things (in society), they are useless, referring to thugs, heads of bears. Their identity characteristics as well as true French people have flawless style. They like to wear Lacoste clothes, wear Lacoste bags, and think that stylish clothing must be tight pants. They often hang out in the suburban train station, listen to music on mobile phones, play chickens, fight and steal bags (not necessarily Lacoste bags!).

Low-class people in the US are often called "white trash". They often wear casks, look rather flamboyant and frumpy. Most of them are unemployed, and they live in parks and stations. They like to drink beer with others, then start fighting, teasing some passers-by, or throwing bluff at a house.

They live in poor suburbs, traffic in London makes them difficult to live. Like typical thugs: sports goods, shaving heads, cigarette holders, and always holding a bottle of wine in hand. Their activities are also typical: deceiving people for taking money, robbing on the street, drinking alcohol in public, however their way of talking is quite serious and they are very cold, of course!

Japan - Yankee
Yankee (rogue) they are people who bully others, like to fight. They are criminals, mostly in high school, who dropped out of school to hang out with gangs. They like to squat and listen to rap music violence (which is probably about difficult life) while drinking sake. They like motorcycles, and like to dye their hair yellow or orange. 

They are thugs in the streets of Mumbai. Their main activity earns money based on tourists. They like to use a lot of hair gel, like to wear necklaces and install gold teeth, flirt by whistling, and they even dream of becoming Bollywood stars. In fact, their images are used actively by directors as prototypes for film characters.

It's easy to recognize bandits in Southwestern - Spain: they look as if they've just robbed a jewelry store (wearing lots of rings, gold chains, ...) They like to listen to loud music in those public places, wear t-shirts, jackets and black glasses, regardless of the weather. Of course with our looks and "irresistible" faces we can easily identify them. 

Scottish bear heads live in poorer areas on the outskirts of Scotland. Unlike colleagues in the UK, these gentlemen are very aggressive and they can drink a large amount of alcohol. They often see in a track suit, with a knife, and a melancholic face. Their activities include swearing and violence on the street.

Israel is a country with 96% of religious followers including thugs and criminals. They often like to wear standard baseball caps. Wear simple clothes. They fought in public places, beaten chickens, drove cheap cars, listened to Israeli rap music, drank alcohol and liked to wear lots of advice and rings. 

South Africa
Previously, South African bear heads were rich and often drove Ford Zephyr cars. Then they became poor but still tried to show their style and wealth. They often like tattooing and let out strange styles. By the way, the members of the hip hop band Die Antwoord are also the bears in South Africa. 

Rogue components in Russia are small enemies of the criminal world, often without following any rules. They like to talk about homosexuality with people around them. Then, depending on the opponent's answer, they will ask for some money and be satisfied. They have famous trick tricks called "Russian haunches".