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Chơi hụi mà ta thường thấy ở địa phương thực chất là gì?

Cập nhật: 01 thg 4, 2019 lúc tháng 3 31, 2019

Among you, does anyone often see someone come to your house to collect money every month? When I was young, I often saw my grandmother pay money every month without knowing what it was so I decided to study this investment form to share with everyone who has the same questions as me.
What is playing hui?
Hui, also known as family name, ward, is a form of capital saving, which is almost like a form of installment loan today, originating in ancient times in Vietnam and often organized by women.

Forms and examples
Instead of having to save long time to get a certain amount of money, a wire is often organized with people in a local area, neighborhood, neighborhood, ... by which the players are will have a much larger amount of money than you donate without waiting for a long time to accumulate or depending on how the agreement is made by the head of the wire.

Before giving an example to give you a better understanding, I want to share some of the common terms that are used in Hanoi to make it easier to understand: When a person who plays the organization calls on others to contribute, then Stand out will be called "Master". Those who contribute to the project are called "Con hui", the whole system will be called "The wire". They will be responsible for collecting money from their children every month, called "close hui". There are many different forms of organization depending on the agreement with the employer, however there will be 2 common forms that are Hinh no interest and No interest.

There are also some terms such as: "hui hui" used to indicate whether a child receives the money after closing time. When one of them does not pay or withdraw from the line, those who have not reached the time limit will be adversely affected, called "tank". In the case of the owner of the scam, the children after they are closed, until they cannot find the owner, they are called "shocked".

Specific explanation
First, the owner will agree with the children about the amount of money each time. For example, a wire of 6,000,000 VND / month and 10 birds, each of them will have to pay 20,000 VND / day. In the first hiatus (after a month), the children who got caught will get an amount of VND 6,000,000 (20,000 x 10 people x 30 days), instead of saving only VND 20,000 per day, this person only gets VND 600,000. copper after a month, and after the sneeze, this person will continue to pack 20,000 VND / day until all the children in the wire are healed. That is why this form is almost like installment loan, after you earn 10 times more money than your savings, they will pay back slowly until enough. This is a form of no interest, apart from being able to earn 6,000,000 VND, if they are healed, they must pay the employer if there is an agreement in advance.

There is also a form of interest, different from the non-interest form in that instead of each person being healed, there will be people who need money urgently and want to be eager first, this person will have to bear some interest Let the children not need money and heal after, because this interest will be deducted directly from the money of the children later. For example, wire 6,000,000 VND, each child must pay 20,000 VND per month. Mr. X, because he wanted to be healed first, called "dead people", so he would negotiate with the rest of the villagers and the boss, he wanted to pay the interest of VND 20,000 to get it first, then Mr. X could get VND 6,000,000 and pay interest of VND 20,000. VND, from then on, Mr. X must close them 40,000 VND per month, while the rest of them are entitled to interest, so just close 20,000 - 20,000 / 9 = 17,778 VND. By the month, an older sister, Y, wanted to scare them, so she proposed the same as Mr. X, for example, interest 10, VND 000, then from that month onwards, Ms. Y will have to pay VND 17,778 + 10,000 = VND 27,778 per month. Similarly, the following people will only need to pay VND 17,778 - 10,000 / 8 = VND 16,528 per month. In addition to the interest, the children still have to pay the workers to organize them according to the agreement on both sides. So with this form, the more people who come back, the more they will say, called "hui", but The more risk will be on the future, the more people who will be able to escape will become "hui ghosts", broken down.

Risks of playing them
At first glance, it can be seen that this is a form of installment loan that mobilizes assets based only on trust as the main, everyone who is familiar, trusting each other, trusting the owner, without any mortgage or concrete evidence. Because it is a folk form, it will lack a systematic and professional element, a wire is a circle, each of them is an important link, so the bigger the wire, the higher the risk, If only one link is broken, the wire will break. There have been many cases of tanks hid by their children, or they have been killed by their owners, causing losses of up to several hundred million sometimes up to several billion. In fact, there have been many scandals and hiccups.

Because it is also a form of investment, playing is legalized in the law, any form of investment is risky, more or less. So we need to understand the legal regulations on this form as well as learn carefully how, choose the owner that I can trust, to know how many people I join and Those are people to avoid being tricked into losing a "lead and fishing". If you have joined the band, your advice is to take the initiative, strongly refer to the books, related documents from the employer, learn more about them, to have appropriate solutions. If any problem occurs. When a dispute arises, the parties should take the initiative to terminate the wire, negotiate and reconcile with each other, and can form a new agreement in the direction of closing the debt, giving the time to repay the debt.

Decree 144 stipulates books
The owner must make and keep them.
In case they have no owners, the participants will authorize a member to set up and keep the book.
Depending on the type, they may include the following:
Name, address of the owner and their members;
Part hui, how to open them, the way they contribute and learn;
The amount of money and other assets contributed or received;
The transfer of parts;
Getting out and ending them;
Signatures or points of the members when contributing and developing;
Other content related to their activities.

Play them technology time
Technology development time, financial services continuously develop, playing games is no exception. Today, the most popular forms of online play are office workers. Because interest rates are higher than bank savings, it is 4 to 5 times higher than up to 10-12% per year and it is easier to create an online wire than to build a wire like tradition. An online girl said, although they only know each other through online nicknames, forums, but they also work quite professionally, there are regular meetings every heal and the members also hold clearly know each other's profile because every time they meet the boss they ask the members to bring identification and other relevant documents.

According to Mr. Bui Huy Kien, director of an online forum management company, he acknowledged the risks that this form brings but besides he also supports and thinks that this is a real need, beside In order to bring profit to each individual and forum, Mr. Kien also set up a separate area to gather members of the wires, besides being able to participate in community exchanges, together, not just "know each other online".

And Lawyer Vu Tien Vinh, director of a law firm in Hanoi, plays hui as a form of capital contribution. Therefore, many lawsuits and denunciations also originate from this form. Normal play is risky, playing online is more risky because players don't know each other well, most likely impersonators or chatbot. If anyone cheats when playing hui, hugging hundreds of millions fleeing, just the amount of money cheated on 2 million VND is enough to be criminally prosecuted.