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Các nhà tiên tri trong sử Việt

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The history of Vietnamese physics is often associated with the words of thunder, as a prediction of the future and destiny of the nation. Thunder is for prophecy, Thunder is for the Thunder and Thunder for the Thunder. According to the concept, "impossible nature", so the Thunder does not directly present the problem, so it has a security effect and is used to preserve the prediction, difficult to distort, change.
In Vietnamese history, there are three super-great prophets, the Venerable Master Van Hanh, The Curse of the Curious and the Lieu Hanh Thanh Mau. Following, please introduce to the readers the explanation of these prophecies about the two characters, Master Hanh and Nguyen Binh Khiem.

1. Su Van Hanh
As the deity of the three dynasties Dinh, Le, and Ly, who were the first to leave the Prophets prophesying about the events of the nation's history, these Thunder words were about 500 years before the Thunder of the Process Status. (938 - 1018), died under King Ly Thai To's reign. Later, King Ly Nhan Tong (1072 - 1127) donated a verse to capture his body, Van Hanh's thought is as follows: 

Van Hanh uses the three sacrifices
Thunderstorm neck leg muscles
The customs of Co Phap
The town headquarters was signed 
Temporarily translate:
Van Hanh informed the three realms
Really old thunder words
Homeland named Co Phap
Fight sticks to beat the king 
Vang Hanh uses not only the past, present and future realms, integrating Buddha, Confucianism, and oldness, but also using the Dharma of the Tri-Ma Dynasty to become thunderous as a mystical place to treat water. In the early days of the national independence era, an ancestor lived in the village. At a young age, the monk stayed at Luc To Temple, belonging to the Zen Buddhist monk Da Luu Chi (vinītaruci), mastered the Tripitaka, Bach Luan, Bat Nha and Hoa Nghiem. ... the inner tantra of the Vajrayana "unconstitutional and extraordinarily transcending the letter, the light is very appropriate to the Southeast Asian culture, specializing in the Tri-General General Department, saying the prophecy trusted by the people.

2. Tantric Zen
The General Maintenance Master was translated by the monk Ni Luu Chi at Phap Van Pagoda about 580 - 594. He went from Thien Truc to China and came to Vietnam, and spent 14 years as a Buddhist monk of the Tantric School in Vietnam for many generations. They increase them like Phap Hien (generation II), Dinh Khong (generation VIII), La Quy An (generation X), Van Hanh and Dao Hanh (generation XII), Minh Khong (generation XIII).

After the Mahayana period of Mahayana, to the Mahayana Duy Thuc, the development peaks of the Buddha leaned to supreme wisdom, to the stage of Mahayana Confucianism which was a spreading road, deep into the community and vast consciousness. The butt envelops the divine beliefs throughout the world without being disappointed. Therefore, from the fourth century to the eighth century, the esoteric school has rapidly developed the golden Vajrayana from Tibet to China, Vietnam, ...

Tantra of the Tantra is a spiritual force, which is the divine power to bless Dinh, Le and Ly dynasties. Hundreds of stalactites in Hoa Lu area are engraved with shelves and from the 10th century, the columns of this pillar take the note "Ton Thien Da La Da La Buddha" as mainly as "thousands of light that make living beings alive. Enlightenment ”.

As early as the VIII century, Indian Tantric monks went to China and used the Tantra of the Tang Dynasty Patient Mantra. In the following centuries, IX, X, XI ... the center of Luy Lau area of ​​Kinh Bac is the meeting and exchange place of the monks of India, Hoa, Chiem Thanh ... and more Vietnamese monks to India to study as Sung Pham (11th century), to India 9 years, after the Dharma Van pagoda teaches disciples is Dao Hanh.

Legend has it that Dao Hanh is very good at magic, divine powers, used to use ten thousand eight thousand times Dai Bi Tam Da La Ni, using sticks to throw down the fast flowing water that sticks to head up, thereby destroying the evil master Dai Crazy is the killer of his father, after steep practice, the higher the magic power, can subdue animals, rain and wind prayers, chanting cures. Practitioner of Dao Hanh is Minh Khong also has the right to blow a bowl of rice for the entire boat to eat all but has permission to "withdraw space" for a moment to take the boat to the citadel to treat King Ly Than Ton (1136). suffer from tingling with tigers, hairs full of people, scary screams.

3. Su Van Hanh with "Thunder Tree Rice"
Van Hanh and his generation studied with Hanh Hanh. Together with his brother Phap Thuan, these two monks used thunder, padded the number of assistants to King Le Dai Hanh (980-1005) in the treatment of the country. Phap Thuan, the author of the ferry boat, responded to the examination with the Tong envoy Ly Giac. On 980, monk Van Hanh anticipated that "within seven days the Song army would withdraw", indeed, King Le used to commit suicide, the army of internal rebels spontaneously retired. King Le Dai Hanh respected his teacher very much, when the king wanted to fight Champa to save the messenger (Tu Muc), he also came to ask, he said that this battle was a success, without hesitation. As expected, the campaign of Chiem was won, and Chiem Parame was slashed at the battle.

After the death of Le Dai Hanh, Crouching Le Long Dinh and the tyrannical tyranny, Van Hanh moved to mobilize the talented Ly Cong Uan to the throne. In his youth, Ly Cong Uan went to study at Luc To Pagoda and met Van Hanh here. He saw that the Ly family had an appearance of a criminal who had found it strange and knew that it was the king's foot. The monk then used the design of the word "celestial death" on the back of a white dog in Co Phap village and spread the word to guess that the dog symbolized the year of Tuat, the death of the god will be born in the year Tuat (Ly Cong Uan was born in the year of the 974th Battalion). ) and appeared in the year of Tuat (Canh Tuat 1010) bringing peace and prosperity.
Thunder Tree Rice

When the rice plant was planted by Zen monk La Quy An in Minh Chau temple in 936 to guard against the long-circuited art of Cao Bien from China, it was peeled by lightning and a post of Thunder appeared to be recorded as follows:
Adopt a short lie
Moc sign bar
Draw a lost wood
The bowl of the bowl
Dong An entered the land
Rustic reborn
Archery bow
Far from being hidden
Six years old

Heavenly people 
Deep tree root
Green tree tops
Flowering trees fall
Eighteen particles into
Venerable Van Hanh guessed that: The root is the root, the king, the parade is the same as the first, the young king died. The sign of the tree is the tree, which means that my family is a green sounding with prosperity, so the population will float. The cross-bowl, the three words combined into the word Ly, so the Ly family became.

Dong A merged into Tran, entering the land into the land of Ly Dynasty. Rustic wood reborn is another Le's reincarnation (Hau Le). This prediction means that after the Ly Dynasty came to Tran's house and later Hau Le's house (Le Loi). 

Japanese archipelago (Eastern) is a celestial being appearing in the East, the West has another hidden star. There are books of Mac dynasty in the East (Hai Duong) because the word Mac contains the East and Tay Son. hidden in the West. 

About six to seven hundred years

Heavenly people 

Ngo Thoi Sy said that "Lightning strikes trees into thunderstorms only has 40 words that are enough to die of life for more than a thousand years". It is enough to see that Van Hanh is a prophet of the nation, having a vision of not being a "seniority" but a "millennium", predicting the prosperity from Dinh's future. Through the three reigns of Dinh, Le, Ly and Van Hanh, they devoted their life to the nation and the practice of practice. Before losing, he left the Shelf:
Body like electricity, image, complete friendship 
Van carpentry spring glory, autumn is dry
Take advantage of unbelievable thoughts
Thinh think like the first open 
Temporarily translate: 
The body is like a lightning, is it coming back?
Van fresh spring tree, collecting dried ash
According to prosperity, don't worry
Prosperity: early dew seed grass.

4. Status - Nguyen Binh Khiem
Nguyen Binh Khiem is a unique historical figure as a consultant for a while for four opposing feudal groups: Le-Mac, Trinh-Nguyen. He was born in 1491, in Co Am, Hai Duong (now in Hai Phong). His intelligent communication from a young age, to one year old, was able to speak, was four years old and belonged to poetry and scriptures because his mother was a human or literate good at generals teaching. She is the daughter of the Minister of the Ministry of Households and Doctors Nhu Van Lan, who has been a husband and wife until the age of 30 when he meets Mr. Van Dinh to see that he has a great-great-great-grandson born. 

There is a theory that she met him fishing Mac Dang Dung at the ferry station and regretfully not having the affinity with this king's general! She married with the hope that after the birth of her child, she would be able to attain the same position, right from the night of the wedding, she told her husband that when the moon reached the top of the new bamboo, she would move the room. pregnancy is not true at a good time, even if you give birth to a baby, but you do not achieve the highest level of death.

, Vietnamese history, history, prophet
There is also a story that, when he was a boy, Nguyen Binh Khiem was handsome and handsome when he was bathing with children in the Han River, a number of Chinese boatmen said that "this man deserves to be king, but because of water The skin is slightly rough, so it only makes the General Status of the General. ” 

At the time of holding, Binh Khiem was able to utter the words "the sun rises in the East", causing everyone to be surprised. Once, Tu Thuc the wife was away, Mr. Van Dinh played with his children, read: "Nguyet hung a bow and a hanging moon", Binh Khiem continued reading: "Pulling up the first hand, catching the flutter". Knowing the story, Tu Thuc the lady was unhappy, blaming: "The moon is a meteorology of my servants, why do you teach me like that!". It is possible that with the generosity, knowing the fate of the Le dynasty after Le Thanh Tong's 40 years will decline, the East (Hai Duong) will have meteoric rise to the King, so she tried to create a king according to the time. give birth?

His mother died prematurely, the son named Khiem, himself Hanh Phu, followed the monk translated "Humble to be successful", although he was not a king, he became a strategist for the whole nation with the policy of "Bac Hoa, Male progress " 

His father used to hold Thai students, his mother passed the stage of history and reason, so he was thoroughly trained. When he grew up, he went to Thanh Hoa and learned that he was the Luong Luong (Long Bang) Label Book, when he returned to the Ministry of Thuong Thu. Before he passed away, he passed on the book Thai An Kinh Kinh, a book explaining the I Ching of Duong Hung. In Han Dynasty, this rare book Luong Dac Bang can be obtained when going to China. 

Nguyen Binh Khiem, although he was well-educated and well-known in the forestry world, he gave up the examination in 1523 and 1526 because it was a chaotic period at the end of the Le Dynasty, leaving the first examination of the Mac's house because the people were not obeyed, until 1534-1535, the reign of Mac Dang Doanh was the most venerable of the Mac dynasty. 

He was appointed to the Eastern post-offices (repaired letters), after promoted Ta Thi Lang Bo Pictures, and Bo Lai to the East of the Graduate University (Trio). For 8 years in the court (1535-1542), he once offered to slash 18 gods. At the age of 51, the king of Mac Phuc Hai, he accused him of going home. Few floors after the court again asked him to work as the Minister of the Red Cross, Thai Deputy helped to the small king Mac Phuc Nguyen (1546-1561), along with Mac Kinh Dien, the uncle of the king and pillar to support the Mac dynasty. 

In the age of 55 to 73, Nguyen Binh Khiem, though not in Thang Long capital, still had a lot of dignity, when the lady of the country, when she went to fight the enemy, the Mac dynasty respected him as a monk, he did Tuyen Tuyen (because of the new folklore is called Status). It was not until after 70 years that he was completely hidden in his hometown.

He returned to his hometown in 1563, living his first life to escape in Bach Van Am, bridging Truong Xuan, Ngheng Phong, and making a leisurely look at the cool moon. He joined the student to build Trung Tan shop at Tuyet Giang wharf, to give the inscription on Thien Van's inscription on the stone stele, and to express the philosophy of the supreme ideology of the Status: "... The whole of the good and bad deeds of the noble and the perfection of the pseudonym medium-high ... Tan fake new field, tri department only micro-weak, any location only deluded new field ... Central chi in the city, ie only good in the local, ... "Meaning:" Braking thing is Chinese, not integrity Thich Thien is not Trung, ... Tan is a wharf, knowing the stop is Ben Chinh, not knowing where to stop is Ben Me ... The meaning of Trung is in Chi Thien ... " 

Perhaps in a thousand years, Confucianism saw a Confucianist interpreting Trung Dung's words in such a simple and creative way, promoting the goodness of humanity. Nguyen Binh Khiem connected the Confucianism to the Buddha, giving the Mac the honor to continue the thought of the Three Religions of the Dong Ton that the Le poet Tong Nho had lost, and severely lost the tradition of the liberation of Lac. Viet.You have a demeanor of La Vong Khuong Tu Nha sitting on the bank of the Vong River or a Zhuge Liang reciting poetry at the foot of Ngọa Long Mountain:

Fishman unconscious Peach raw guests

The beginning of the old world 

In 1585, the old age fell ill, knew that it was difficult to pass, was 95 years old, and offered to the King Mac "... the god calculated that the number of people had lost the mind, the movement of the Le dynasty was renewed, the heavens were determined to be hard according to the. But the fake man can return to his will, please let the king wholeheartedly develop, take people as the root, take the country as a key, in correction to the culture, in addition to specialized in the martial arts, may keep the inheritance of the Ancestors, then Death is satisfied. " 

The Mac dynasty sent Khiem Vuong Mac Kinh Dien and his officials to the ceremony to send a temple and a field to fill the hundreds of samples, King Mac Mau Hop wrote the letter to the temple "Mac Trieu Nguyen Tieu General". . Seven years after the Lost History, 1592, the Mac dynasty also died. Although he kept Cao Bang for another four years, he devoted his devotion to the Mac dynasty for 60 years.

The Process and his disciples such as Phung Khac Khoan, Nguyen Du (The author of Truyen Ky Man Luc), Nguyen Quyen (the name of the Mac General), Truong Thoi Cu, Trang Giap Hai, and Luong Huu Khanh ... gathered into one. the Taoist school, the University directed, followed the Ly-Tran tradition, synthesized Confucianism, Buddha-Lao, Tu Thu Ngu Kinh and the physical, mystical, military and geomancy geographies. he went everywhere, Phung Khac Khoan, Luong Huu Khanh, ... went to Le Trung Hung's house in Thanh Hoa, Nguyen Dinh Than, told Lord Nguyen Hoang to Hoanh Son, Trang Giap Hai and Nguyen Quyen Mac's house in Thang Long capital. until the end of the sixteenth century. Two episodes of his poems are Bach Van, a collective exam (Chinese character) and Bach Van Quoc thi thi thi (Nôm). are considered to be major achievement of medieval poetry Vietnam. 

In 1545, King Trang Tong conferred Trinh Kiem, Ngoc Bao's husband (his sister Nguyen Hoang) as a Thai monk. The unimaginable painting in the same year, before being the father (Nguyen Kim - the national ambassador of the Le Trung Hung Dynasty) was poisoned to death, now he was killed. The elder brother of Nguyen Hoang is the General, the Duke of Nguyen Uong district, who was killed by Thai monk Trinh Kiem. Moreover, because of his new high status, high reputation, being conferred Doan dynasty, Nguyen Hoang was exposed as a thorn in front of jealous people, especially Thai Trinh Trinh Kiem. Realizing this danger, Nguyen Hoang reported the disease, keeping himself more discreet to get Trinh Kiem out of doubt. After discussing with Mr. Nguyen U Di, Nguyen Hoang implicated the messenger to ask for the Status. Status Nguyen Binh Khiem looked at the rocky mountain in the front yard but soaked in big: "Hoanh Son most pee, 

With the strategic vision of the State, our country once again expanded its land to the south. At the time when the Mac's house was about to be lost, people sent people to ask him, and he advised the king of Mac "Cao". (ie Cao Bang is small, but can be kept). Mac Dynasty followed his words and kept Cao Bang for nearly 80 years. For Le - Trinh, when King Le Trung Tong died without a child, Trinh Kiem decided to replace Le's house but was still afraid of public opinion and sent someone to ask him. He told his uncle, but in fact told the Trinh family: "Keeping the temple to worship Buddha, then eating it" (the idea is to keep the appearance of the Le kings, it is more beneficial). Trinh Kiem listened to the wrong person to find the Le dynasty's religious worshiper (Le Loi) to the throne, namely King Le Anh Tong. Trinh borrowed the worship of Le's house but held the right to administer the administration, while the Le family, thanks to Trinh family, supported everything, the two sides supported each other for over 200 years. Therefore, there is a sentence: "Le survives Trinh in, Le defeated Trinh death". 

Several stories have been recorded in the family history of the family tree

Hexagrams "Set of Doong Moc Truong" (Iron with short woods) 

One day at the end of the year, the 30th day of the Lunar New Year, and the students from far away to the teacher ceremony, two teachers and students are discussing and someone knocks on the gate. He asked the family to say just wait a little while, and the student and the student clicked on the hexagram to see who knocked on the night of the New Year with something. The two teachers and students were able to press the "Thiet Doan Moc Truong", which was applied to the short iron long wooden objects, and asked:

- What do you think the knocker has?

The student replied:

- Teacher, short iron is long, there is only tomorrow, someone might borrow the apricot to dig the soil. 

He said: - I guess a little different from him, who knocks on the gate to borrow a hammer, not borrow it. 

When opening a gate for a neighbor, it is true that borrowing a hammer is not necessary to borrow a shovel. 

He explained: - You press the hexagram correctly but the thesis is not high. Thirtieth New Year to borrow a hammer to add firewood to cook banh chung, but now everyone still borrowed to dig up the earth! 

Pick up the body is rich

Bui Sinh is a poor pupil in the village. Until the age of 70, Bui Sinh still did not get rich, he went to ask his teacher. Smiling without saying anything, then suddenly one day, he called Bui Sinh again and said: "Bring the fishing boat to Van Ninh estuary, until now ... whenever something floats on the water, it will be picked up, will be weight reward ".

Bui Sinh obeyed and went to Hong Dam station to wait. As expected, a storm came up, then saw a corpse washed up, looking closely at the body of a woman dressed in Chinese clothes, luxuriously dressed. Bui Sinh picked it up, and later learned that going to the General's mother's house to go out to sea was stormed to the South. The Cantonese Governor gave a search to the South Sea. When finding the great reward for Bui Sinh very late, then Bui Sinh was again conceived by the Mac family because of good diplomatic behavior.

5. Authentic Thunder is Thunder of Thunder
On the autumn day of the year of tiger (1542), while he was reading a book when he saw a cloud of five colors, he immediately planted fortune-telling to see the time of his country. At that time, the king's life was the most prosperous of the Mac dynasty, Mac Dang Doanh died. , The floating state is called "Hexagrams" and "Prickly". 

Lien Mau, Ky, Canh, Tan 

Can through birth and death

That is the continuous disorder in the year of Mau Than, Ky Dau, Canh Tuat, and Tan Hoi (1548-49-50-51), and then he continued to teach his students Truong Thoi Cu 

This article is the key to opening the secret language and meaning in the entire Thunder of the Status, while the episode of Thunder has been lost to three stars, embroidering more and more over 500 years. Divination of the hexagram (Heaven), saw the retreating dragons, the Red-legged Princess has not yet appeared, eight lives later, about 1735, when Dr. Vu Kham Lam came to visit the 7th and 8th descendants of the Status at the main in the old house, it was true that there was a time of chaos between the Trinh, Nguyen and Tay Son factions ... Until the Gia Long Dynasty, only more than 60 years had been invaded by the colonialists, but in that 60 years, there was still confusion. continued in the North (Minh Mang and Thieu Tri alone had 250 incidents in two generations), until the 1980s was temporarily called peace. 

Must wait until the star Niu, the master of Dai Nhan appeared on Bao Giang, then the new country renaissance, new river traffic brilliant. 

Bai Thunder showed that Trang Trinh used the combination of Ly Ly with Astrology (Thai An, Thai Huyen) to figure out the period of "stars" on "Bao Giang" and "eight lives after the last", but a hexagram. The epidemic is usually not "Active" for a long time span of 500 years. 

Thunder Status as a historic message 

The first thunderstorm was kept secretly in a group of close disciples such as Phung Khac Khoan, Truong Thoi Cu, Nguyen Du, ..., with the number of disciples trained in 50 years up to 3000 people, thunder signing must have copied or transmitted to this day. By the 18-19th century, there was a Confucianist who wrote down to become a novice, a post that was not certain, and then used the hexadecimal poetry to express it, in addition to the "mainstream" sentences, there were also thunderous sentences "expressing meaning".

Thunder The Process of interpreting the national history in the next 500 years, looking at the nation as a lively block floating in time, prospering according to the "natural-geographical" cycle. Status program not only guessed the world but also left the "mind" in the ups and downs of the nation that he devoted wholeheartedly.