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8 technology trends will dominate the future

Cập nhật: 17 thg 6, 2019 lúc tháng 6 17, 2019

Making good use of these new technologies, the chances of success will be higher in the information technology industry.
1. Artificial intelligence (AI)
Artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence (English: Artificial Intelligence, often abbreviated as AI) is the intelligence represented by any artificial system. At first AI was understood simply as intelligence in sci-fi films, but it has now become one of the key sectors of computer science. 

AI relates to the behavior, the learning and the smart adaptability of the machine so that it is similar to the most human processing ability. Currently there is no AI system that has absolute completeness, but with the ability to answer questions about diagnosis, answer customers about the company's products, handwriting recognition, speech recognition speaking and face or the ability to defeat the go-between grandmaster, ... is enough to show that the future of perfect AI is not far away.

2. Machine Learning (Machine Learning)
As an indispensable component for building AI systems, machine learning is based on the requirement of acquiring knowledge and making decisions for computers that are senseless and insensitive. For example, if it is necessary to make a quick decision on buying and selling stocks on the stock exchange, the machine learning is a reliable assistant. The machine learns how to model the problem so that the computer automatically understands, processes and learns from data to evaluate and execute assigned tasks in the most efficient and optimal way.

3. Big Data (Big Data)
Technology experts often compare "having data is all". Indeed, all the habits of users on Google Search, YouTube, Facebook, ... from content of interest to position, click, ... are all more precious data sources than gold but "giants" This will be used for many different purposes. Above all, they are the basic raw data source to create a large data warehouse and are analyzed by machine learning to eventually obtain a reliable source of data. The ultimate goal is a large data learning machine that will create intelligent AI beyond the ability of human reasoning.

4. Everything connected (Internet of Things - IoT)
Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of things that connect to the Internet, in which devices and vehicles (called "connected devices" and "smart devices"), rooms and sites Other devices are embedded with electronic components, software, and sensors along with the ability to connect to a computer network so that these devices can collect and transmit data.

5. Virtual reality (VR) and enhanced virtual reality (AR)
This is truly a superior technology in recent years, it gives people a different view of the world around which is thought to be science fiction. A series of virtual reality technologies created and continuously developed by Google, Microsoft, Facebook (Oculus Rift), have become an indispensable part of the film, game and even kids industries. Virtual traveler. 

Currently, technology giants are not outside this game. Facebook claims in the near future, they will build a virtual world in which people can meet and communicate with each other like real life with actions, gestures and words. Meanwhile, Google has just announced a project to "turn" Google Earth (a mode of Google Maps) into a social network with stories and structures. As for Microsoft, their Halolens virtual reality glasses are also in the process of development and when completed, it will allow people to interact with the wall, the table is no different from a science fiction movie.

6. Super Phone (super phone)
According to technology experts at NashTech, the cycle of a phone generation is usually only about 10 years. Therefore, from the moment the first iPhone with the touch screen (in 2007) changed the whole face of the mobile phone industry, by this time, mobile phones are ready for the transition period. delivered. One of the new technologies mentioned is the super phone, which is no longer simply a smartphone (smartphone) but a super phone with the ability to understand the owner's habits, health status. of the owner, talking to the owner like friends, ...

7. Blockchain
Blockchain is a global technology for storing and transmitting information with blocks linked together and expanded over time. These blocks contain transaction information, the time at which it was created and a link to the preceding block. The blockchain system consists of a sequence of nodes that can confirm information. 

Blockchain is highly secure, based on complex encryption system. Information in the blockchain cannot be changed and is only added when there are consensus of other nodes in the system. Even if part of the blockchain system crashes, other nodes will continue to work to protect the information.

8. Advanced security technology
In the face of the rapid development of technology and the ability to communicate between devices more and more tight, security must be enhanced. From simple security technologies such as password chains, now real-time authentication technologies such as OTP, 2-layer or more authentication, fingerprint, iris, and encryption security technologies, ... when enhanced, will play an extremely important role.