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6 Things You May Not Know About Superman

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Superman is a superhero in the comic book series of the same name, created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. He is one of the most famous comic characters in the world known as' Steel Man ',' Krypton's last son 'or even more intimate is' Red Heart'.
But do you know all about the hero wearing this brief? Let's find out Superman's secret offline.
1. Superman is an alien with US citizenship:
Superman's real name is Kal-El. He lives on Krypton with his parents Jor-El and Lara. One day, Jor-El discovered bad signs in Krypton's core, it was unstable and at risk of causing a series of nuclear reactions that could destroy the planet, Kal-El's parents put He entered a ship and launched it into space. That ship fell to a farm in Kansas, USA. The couple Jonathan and Martha Kent discovered the ship and saved Ka-El. Initially, they intended to take him to an orphanage, but at the end decided to give him the name Clark Kent and considered it his son.

Clark grew up with superpowers that were gradually revealed, and foster parents demanded that he use it to serve justice. When Mr. and Mrs. Kent passed away, Clark moved to Metropolis and began his career in a newspaper called Daily Planet. Superman's motto was: "Fighting For Truth, Justice and America".

2. Superman's supernatural power:
Most people know Superman possesses super abilities like: Solar absorption, Super power, Super durability, Super speed, Super sense, Super sense, Super smart, X-ray ray, Steam Frosty breathing, Rhythm is also immune to all kinds of diseases, viruses and toxins on earth. Moreover, the life span is extremely long, lasting until the 853th century, ie 83200 years without dying. The eyes of the Rhombus can convert radiant energy into a beam and emit with the same heat that stars glow, within a few hundred miles. When at high temperatures, the beam is red, when at low temperatures it is invisible. 

In addition, the standard shot is very good. The rhythm can hear all kinds of sounds at every intensity and distance, can focus on special things, like the heartbeat of someone.

The sound is heard all over the earth, and even the other planet.

The nose of a hearing attack is like a dog's nose, smelling the chemicals of a bomb in a crowded room.

Most recently, Sime learned a new technique called Solar Flare, an ability that allowed her to gather all her energy and explode. After taking after this skill, the Beat will lose all its power and become an ordinary person within 24 hours.

Not only that, in 1947, the Sage could also create his small flute against the enemy. During this time, the Rhythm also has the ability to telepathy, move objects, hypnotize, transform and even erase memory with ... a kiss?

3. The Steel Man can still be defeated:
After the aforementioned abilities, people think that there is hardly anyone who can beat Superman right? In fact, Superman is not completely unbeaten.

He still has a weakness and that is Kryptonite, a stone from the planet Krypton that can weaken Superman. Also Superman has a few other weaknesses: magic, red sun radiation, nuclear bombs.

4. Was Superman dead?
Like other superheroes, Superman died countless times. But his most typical death is in the "The Death of Superman" series, here we see our hero beaten by a monster named Doomsday. After the two launched their fatal blows, they were all clean. Superman died and left many regrets. But it was not the first time Superman died, he also died countless other times such as: Being killed by Gog during his massacre, killed by Kryptonite and Magic many times in his career, .. .

5. Superman's eternal enemy
Speaking of Batman, everyone will think of Joker, referring to Superman who will think of Lex Luthor. If Superman was born with innate physical strength, Lex Luthor had a genius to use against the Rhythm. He is a scientist, inventor, leader and a gifted strategist. He, his intelligence can be said to be the top class in DC Comics, very knowledgeable about alien technology, he can make extremely dangerous weapons. Not only that, he was also very good at manipulating others, he had persuaded the whole United States to vote for him as president. Although Superman and Lex Luthor's relationship is not as interesting as Batman and Joker, there are also very special stories created around these two characters.

6. Superman was originally an evil man?
Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster had an idea for this character when he was only in high school in 1933. This idea involves a bald character given to dominate the world. "The Reign of the Super-Man" written by Herbert S. Fine, a homeless man named Bill Dunn met a scientist named Ernest Smalley who offered to offer him a meal and in return wanted him Become my test subject. Dunn agreed, he took a bottle of medicine that allowed him to possess telepathy, but he was fascinated by this power. Dunn killed Smalley and began a terrorist under the name of Superman. Unfortunately for Dunn, this drug was only temporary, and when he realized he had killed Smalley, he was unable to recreate the recipe. This is the only occurrence of this version because soon after,