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5 Loài động vật sở hữu siêu năng lực mà con người hằng mơ ước

Cập nhật: 01 thg 4, 2019 lúc tháng 3 31, 2019

Super abilities are extraordinary abilities that almost everyone wants to own. In this article, let's take a look at the 5 animals that possess the power that makes people crave.
1. The Turritopsis Nutricula jellyfish possesses an immortal power (Immortal Jellyfish - Immortality)
Turritopsis nutricula (also known as the Immortal Jellyfish) is a type of water that is a Cnidaria-like jellyfish capable of reversing their life cycle from adulthood to a single-celled and magnetic period. it continues to grow.

This is the only case ever discovered about a multicellular organism capable of reversing the life cycle when mating after sexual maturity. This is done through a cell development process, which is called "cell translation," whereby a cell type can be converted into another cell type. In this process, the jellyfish of immortal jellyfish will be transformed into Polips in the new Polip group.

Most jellyfish species have relatively fixed lifespans, varying from species to hours to months (mature jellyfish are long-lasting and lay eggs every day or night, time is quite fixed according to each species. can). The jellyfish species Turritopsis nutricula is the only species known for its ability to transform a wide range of tissue cells (in adulthood) to the circulatory system back to the Polip state. By the specific transition requires the presence of certain types of cells. Experiments have revealed that in the stages of jellyfish, especially with fully mature individuals, it is possible to move back into Polip groups. What is easily recognizable is that old tentacles will deteriorate and develop new shoots and eventually foster Polip. Polip takes on the task of developing new buds and thereby developing new branches and gradually they will grow into Hydroid groups. The ability to reverse this life cycle is unique in the animal world, and allows this jellyfish to escape death, making Turritopsis nutricula immortal. Laboratory studies show that 100% of mature specimens can be transformed back into polyps, but so far this process has not been observed in nature. Even later, the transfer Switching can only take place under extreme conditions.

However, most types of Turritopsis jellyfish are likely to fall victim to the general dangers of natural life such as plankton, including being eaten by animals, or infected.

2. Black giant bugs possess "super power" (Onthophagus taurus - The Hulk)
No stranger, actually the beetle that we are going to find out later is the dung beetle, which is known for its "invincible" ability to sniff, and can determine its direction by observing the throne. stars in the galaxy.

In 2013, scientists conducted experiments on a moonless night and placed little hats on the beetle's head to reduce their eyesight. As a result, these beetles used the galaxy to orient themselves, which is a completely unique case in the animal world. When worn, they can move in a straight line.

Another special thing, they can also be classified into cat-like round balls. This bug has an extraordinary power to lift 10 times its body weight. It is for normal beetles, and the Onthophagus Taurus is able to move up to 1000 times body mass. This is similar to how people can easily pull a 67.5-ton Leopard 2A7 tank. Because of its super-powerful ability, it turns the dung beetle into one of the planet's most powerful animals in terms of physical correlation.

3. Water bear possesses "indestructible body" (Tardigrades / Water Bear - Captain Indestructible)
 Special microorganisms can survive even when thrown into the air
The water bear, also known as the Tardigrade, can survive all the conditions, whether frozen, boiled or even thrown into the air, still able to survive up to ... 200 hundred years later. It seems nothing can defeat this long-lived animal!

This tiny microorganism has many shapes, with more than 900 different water bears, they are almost everywhere in the world.

They can tolerate cold to -272 ° C approximately absolute zero and highest heat resistance of 150 ° C for a few minutes, surviving 6 times pressure in the Mariana groove - the planet's deepest ocean groove and tolerant get 100 times more radiation than deadly. They have been on water for 10 years, have been fasting for 30 years, the waves survived when their body water level was below 3% or less .... Beyond those challenges, this tiny microorganism, only 1 millimeter long still has can live normally after 200 years.

4. Hairless mice possess a "cancer immunity" ability (Naked Mole Rat - Cancer Proof)
Naked mole or mole rat is a rodent living in East Africa. They live the longest in rodents with a lifespan of up to 32 years and have virtually no signs of aging, maintaining health and fertility.

Their bodies are almost immobile and are unable to regulate body temperature. However, their skin is very beneficial because it does not seem to be painful when burned or in direct contact with acid. More specifically, this mouse is also capable of cancer immunity by possessing special proteins.

Scientists have discovered a new protein that seems to give hairless moles a great cancer resistance. Researchers discovered that the "naked" mole has a group of genes that produce four proteins responsible for preventing damaged and potentially carcinogenic cells, multiplying. Therefore, these proteins prevent tumor growth. More specifically, their bodies never degenerate but can reproduce constantly until death.

5. Mantis shrimp possess "steel punch" (Mantis Shrimp - Bullet Fist)
Mantis shrimp looks and looks just like shrimp and mantis is often called by the familiar names of surface or head shrimps. Mantis shrimp is one of the most powerful animals on the planet, dubbed the "shrimp killer" or "thumb-cutter" because they can quickly clamp their skin if not careful when removing them from the net. .

The most beneficial is that the more the shape is the same as the mantis can break, pierce even the crab shell even if they break the aquarium with just one blow.

Not only that, they also possess super speed with acceleration of up to 102,000m / sec2 creating a pressure large enough to boil the water around them even more.

In addition, mantis shrimp also possess a complex visual system that holds up to 16 cones that can make them invisible to us.