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5 loài bò sát kì lạ trên thế giới

Cập nhật: 01 thg 4, 2019 lúc tháng 3 31, 2019

Here are some lovely and equally cunning reptiles in hunting prey that you might enjoy learning about them.
1.  Snakes eat African eggs
This snake has no venom because it has no fangs, but fortunately they have false teeth to protect themselves. When they see danger lurking around, they will use their bodies to twist and swirl on the ground to blind the opponent, but they will not bite because it will be revealed, this action only helps to scare the others. The animals around them must be afraid of them. Very cunning is not it, African snakes are even more fond of the elephant than me, it's really small but martial.

Moreover, snakes eating African eggs also have very flexible jaws that can help them swallow eggs 10 times their body weight. The egg will be broken after being pushed down to the concave protrusions of the spine, when the nutrients are absorbed, the eggshell will be excreted.

2.  Snake Viper
In contrast to the snakes of African eggs that prefer to show but are not dangerous, Viper is the most feared of all snakes.

These are powerful venom snakes and sharp fangs, which can be attacked by pinning that fang into large animals to destroy the enemy. Besides, the colors on the Viper are equally colorful, contributing to the curiosity of the surrounding animal, it has scales and horns on its head. This is a formidable character because of the extremely dangerous beauty and tricks, we should stay away if we accidentally travel somewhere.

3.  Gangster crocodile
Despite being a terrifying carnivorous lineage according to the world's sources, the Ganges crocodile with the scientific name Gavialis gangeticus is very benign, because they mostly eat fish. And of course, they don't eat people.

Why is it so strange to have a human-eating crocodile film set up in many countries like that, because they only have a long beak and beautiful teeth can only catch fish. Although their bodies were slightly larger, the longest with the longest might be more than 6 meters, but the slender muzzle lacked their strength, making it impossible to catch any large prey to fill the stomach more than those fish. So they are not human predators, the number of individuals of this species is decreasing due to the low level of threat to humans, so it becomes a good prey for humans. It is estimated that this decline is due to many reasons, the biggest possible cause is hunting, collecting eggs to consume and killing to serve traditional medicine and fishermen.

4.  Agama lizard
This animal has a red head, which can be considered the most beautiful reptile on the planet, with an average length of 6-9 inches, and each birth averages 6-8 eggs. If properly fed, Agama's lifespan can be up to 15 years, which is great for a pet, Agama.

Another special thing about this species is that they like the sun, at the peak of the day when we hide in the house, they find themselves lying on the rocks and the top of the hill. They live in high places and can also live around us but Agama is very shy and gentle, if they appear humans, they will hide under large rocks. That place is also where they live and exfoliate under the skin often when rubbing against the stone surface, so they are really outstanding right. However, because of their beautiful appearance, the hunt and hunt they are increasing, leading to a very high risk of decline.

5.  Mata mata tortoise
This is one of the ancient turtles on earth, so the unique shape so mata mata is considered a master in camouflage. When they were young they looked like dry leaves, when they grew up they looked like rocks because of their color.

Tomorrow size may reach 45cm, weigh 15 kg and may be more. They can lie completely in the water with a long tube-shaped nose and upwards. Their main food is usually fish, insects and small creatures living in the water, by disguising them they will lie dormant for you. The bait comes and uses its sharp teeth to tear the prey. That's too damn good right.