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12 amazing truths behind famous logos that you don't know yet

Cập nhật: 17 thg 6, 2019 lúc tháng 6 17, 2019

Every day, we see symbols of famous companies, but rarely do we take a few seconds to think about their origin or meaning.
We have found 12 stories that will reveal some secrets about famous logos.
Legend has it that the Apple logo is a tribute to Alan Turing (a British mathematician, logician, philosopher and biologist), who ended his life by biting on a poison apple. The reality is much simpler: the designer said that he created a bitten apple to show its stature, because an intact apple could easily be confused with the The fruit has another round shape. 

Many people believe that the Ferrari symbol symbolizes horsepower, but that is not true. In the autobiography, Enzo Ferrari mentions the original horse image painted on the Italian fighter aircraft pilot Francesco Baracca. This symbol was given to Enzo by Francesco's mother after winning a race, and then it became a famous symbol.

Not surprisingly, the world encyclopedia icon is earth. The pieces make up it to make the symbol of the multilingual, so each piece is attached to a letter of different languages. Just like that created "Wikipedia", however, there are still some missing pieces to show the encyclopedia that has not been completed and is still being updated.

Graphic designer Irina Blok and her team are tasked with creating a logo that includes a robot and must be easily recognizable. It seems very interesting, the inspiration for this symbol is taken from the icon that we often see on the public toilet door. 

In 1962, McDonald's hired psychologist Louis Cheskin. He suggested replacing the Speedee logo with Cook with the golden arch to create "M". Inspired by the shape of the woman's breast, it makes people feel better and reminiscent of the time period. Happy childhood. However, it is worth mentioning here that Cheskin did not create these arches, and it has been present in restaurants since the 1950s. 

In 1923, when René Lacoste and the team leader - Alan Moore was walking around the street, he saw a crocodile leather suitcase through the window of a shop. Two people bet that if René wins the next game, Alan will have to buy him that suitcase. As a result, Lascote lost, but when the journalist heard this story and wrote an article about a player who did not win, he "fought like a crocodile". That's how Lascote got his nickname and his company later took the reptile icon. 

Rumor has it that the BMW logo represents an airplane propeller, and even some employees in the company share this idea. However much simpler: blue and white were chosen to represent Bavaria's flag color (Germany's largest southernmost state today).

Uber recently changed his logo from the "U" to something like an atom. The company thinks the new logo represents one thing: their cars can be found anywhere like an atom.

At first glance, you will see this icon seems very nice, but if you look closely at the first letter you will see it is like a pin that we use to staple paper or photos. Pinterest literally means "pinning" photos to the wall. 

Is one of the most recognizable and cheapest logos in the world. Only about $ 35 - that's the amount Phil Knight, the company's director, paid to a student named Carolyn Davidson in 1971. At first, he was not even happy with the result. Turns out he was wrong: the symbol became unimaginably successful. And it's no surprise that it involves the wing of Nike goddess - the goddess of victory. 

Few people know this, but the Starbucks logo is a picture of a girl who has two fish tails. This symbol was inspired by the mythical mermaid Melusine, a two-tailed mermaid married to a man. In 1971, all of this image was visible on the coffee cup, and it was cut off later. 

This logo seems pretty simple, but the money to pay for it can go far beyond our imagination: $ 1 million. Designers have developed this logo based on the golden ratio, creating the best harmony and comfort in the eyes of the viewer.

Metro Goldwyn Mayer
Of course this is not how Metro Goldwyn Mayer created his famous lion logo. Upon seeing MGM's mascot in 1917, few knew that they had to use seven different lions for this purpose. They are tamed and trained to roar when there is a signal. What we see above, of course, is not the truth. The lion lying on it was only preparing for an MRI scan. Don't believe it if you see it anywhere.