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10 most notorious gangs of Vietnam

Cập nhật: 17 thg 6, 2019 lúc tháng 6 17, 2019

In the world of Gypsy, the names like Nam Cam, Dai Cathay, Cu So, Lam 9 fingers ... are no stranger. In this article, we would like to send you 10 most notorious gangs of Vietnam.
Year Cam (birth name: Truong Van Cam; April 22, 1947 - June 3, 2004) is a notorious organized crime boss in Vietnam, especially in Ho Chi Minh City. Nam Cam is the main defendant in the Five Cam Case and his accomplices (expert Z5.01). Five Cams and their gangs in the process of preserving karaoke restaurants and gambling venues in Ho Chi Minh City have committed many criminal offenses. 

In October 2003, Nam Cam was sentenced to death by a Vietnamese court with seven counts of "murder, bribery, intentional injury, gambling, organizing gambling, hiding criminals, the organization that sent others to flee abroad ", on June 3, 2004, was executed the death sentence. The trial of Five Cam and his accomplices caught the attention of Vietnamese and world public opinion. The number of criminals appearing in court is 156, at a record level. The trial of first instance lasts from February to June 2003 with a verdict of hundreds of pages. Breaking the Nam Cam case is recognized by the media and the Vietnamese government as a great feat in preventing crimes. In addition, the case is considered to be anti-corruption.

Tran Quoc Son, whom Nam Cam once told Dung Ha: "If you intend to shoot Son, shoot him first." 

Son dressed politely, luxuriously, and looked like a student ... but had 4 criminal records, 6 foreclosures and twice focused on renovation. The native land of Son "albino" in Phuong Liet and Thanh Xuan wards, but then moved to Ngo Thi Nham street to live. Being the youngest child in a good family, Son has been disruptive and disordered since his childhood and continuously focused on improving by local authorities. At only 15 years old, Son was arrested by the police of Hoan Kiem district for being hooked (in 1977). On March 20, 1978, Son continued to be handcuffed to the crime of "two fingers". On January 19, 1979, the People's Court of Hoan Kiem district treated Son 8 months in prison, 12 months of probation. On March 16, 1980, Sơn was arrested again on the charges. Not only that, when he was young, this tycoon was very famous because of "cold blood" in fighting and slashing. Before those consecutive offenses of Son, Local authorities are required to prepare a dossier for re-education at Thanh Lam and Thanh Hoa camps. In addition to the bravery due to the resentful graces created, Sơn is also admired by his juniors because of his calmness, gentle and gentle speech and personality "the best language". Having said that he did and did his best, Son was respected by his juniors as much as Thang. Moreover, few people saw Son say cursing, drinking alcohol, never using drugs, but being out of hand was very cold.

On March 16, 2002, the Special Forces and Criminal Police Department arrested Son at Luong Su A alley and the man accused of this hammering into the South for the investigation of related cases ...

The great Cathay, whose real name is Le Van Dai, is the boss of Saigon in the 1960s, the number one character in the "Four Great Kings" of criminals in Saigon before 1975: Dai - Ty - Cai - The. Le Van Dai was born in 1940. He soon dropped out of school, polished his shoes, sold newspapers to support himself at the area of ​​Cong Ly crossroads (now Nam Ky Khoi Nghia) - Nguyen Cong Tru. There was a cinema called Cathay , should be called Cathay Dai.

In the early 1960s, Dai Cathay was only 20 years old and became a notorious tycoon. Dai Bao told me that most restaurants, prostitutes, smoking shops, dance floors in district 1. At the same time, Cathay Dai cooperated with Seven Si to open many casinos to collect money. Nguyen Ngoc Loan, Director of Police Department Do Thanh was fierce in eliminating dukkha, he established the Bai Du Du Center, headquartered in Thu Duc district, close to Binh Trieu Bridge and Scene Squadron to destroy crime; appointing his close friend is Captain Tran Kim Chi as the captain. Tran Kim Chi was killed unexpectedly, a truck carrying wood had plunged directly into his car, killing, rumors of a murder led by Dai Cathay led General Nguyen Ngoc Loan to be angry. , he ordered the arrest of the Great Cathay prison on charges of " The Great decided to escape the camp with the promise of help of some security officers in the camp. On the morning of January 7, 1967, Dai and the other juniors proceeded to flee the camp. Discovered, Dai Cathay and his most trusted juniors, ran up the side of Tuong mountain of Phu Quoc island. Since then, no one has ever seen the Great Cathay. The Great decided to escape the camp with the promise of help of some security officers in the camp. On the morning of January 7, 1967, Dai and the other juniors proceeded to flee the camp. Discovered, Dai Cathay and his most trusted juniors, ran up the side of Tuong mountain of Phu Quoc island. Since then, no one has ever seen the Great Cathay.

Lam Nine finger real name is Le Ngoc Lam. During a suicide attempt to save the "master" of Dai Cathay, Lam was slashed with one finger by the enemy, with only 9 fingers left, so the nickname "Lam Chin fingered". In late 1969, Lam "nine fingers" became a notorious bandit. Car driver 67 took a robbery of new people from the bank going out with money bags. The number of assets he robbed sometimes amounted to hundreds of gold trees. All of them poured into playful hobbies, burial, running out of money and robbing. In 1970, Lam "nine-fingered" was grabbed and sent to prison. 

In prison, he showed the bravery of a gangster when he took turns with the famous bandit, Dien Khac Kim, killed the "crazy" and stabbed Cuong martial artist who hit the heart, causing him to die on the spot. In 1988, Lam "nine fingers" was released after nearly 20 years of imprisonment. Leaving prison, Lam guard sword left Gypsy. At that time, Nam Cam was the first underground force in Saigon but Lam did not consider him out. Lam's life was "nine fingers" to another turn when an unexpected incident occurred on the evening of July 14. In 1999, he was carrying his wife and children to dinner when he was put on an acid case. On 12 December 2001, Nam Cam was arrested. Until this time, Lam "nine fingers" had just come to denounce Nam Cam as the mastermind of the acid attack in the past. At the trial, Five Cam and his comrades a year later, Lam "nine fingers" came to court. denounce the crimes of Nam Cam and his accomplices.

Pham Dinh So (aka Cu So, born in 1957). Should be a native of Hai Phong, the youngest son of a family of 4 siblings. Summary of So, there are only two words: Goose and evil. Should grow up from the camp, he still holds the "record" of the number of criminal convictions in Vietnam with the number of 22. But only after returning from the Hong Kong refugee camp, Should it be emerging As a "stabbing star", before that, It should be just like any other anonymous gangster. "Great headquarters" where Cu should raise troops (including Linh "cu") located at 112 Lach Tray, Q. Ngo Quyen. From July 1993 to March 1995, this killer training academy caused many serious cases in the city, such as murder, robbery, intentional injury, public disorder. plus, storing illegal use of military weapons, organized gambling and gambling ... In the morning of March 15, 1995, Hai Phong police simultaneously broke into house No. 112 Lach Tray, arrested Pham Dinh So and six other accomplices, including two close assassins. His most is Linh "cu" and Dinh Dinh Tuyen; seized water tanks three military guns, a sports gun, a grenade and forty-seven bullets and countless sword knives. On January 4, 1996, Pham Dinh So was sentenced to death.

Dung 'Ha', whose real name is Vu Thi Hoang Dung (1965-2 / 10/2000), is a gangster in Vietnam, born and raised in Trang Trinh Street, Hai Phong. From a populist village on the street, Dung Ha has gained a high status in the Vietnamese gangster society in the land of Hai Phong Port. Dung 'Ha' was born and raised in Lane 23 on Trang Trinh Street, Phan Boi Chau Ward, Hong Bang District, Hai Phong; He is the youngest daughter of a family of 4, with 2 sisters and an older brother. 

In mid-1986, when 21-year-old Dung 'Ha' was imprisoned with a 12-month sentence due to robbery of roadgoers in the Iron market area (Hai Phong), was punished by the Hong Bang District People's Court. In 1991, Dung 'Ha' was arrested again for the second time by participating in a fight in the Iron market. This time, Dung 'Ha' was sentenced to 7 months in prison. In 1995, Dung 'Ha' was arrested and the court declared 7 years in prison organized by organized gambling. In September 1998, after spending 3 and a half years in prison, Dung 'Ha' was released to the local area. In October 1998, Dung 'Ha' left Hai Phong in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City and selected this location as a place to earn a living and open a casino at 17 Bui Thi Xuan, District 1. In the morning of October 2, 2000, around 0: 25 ', Dung' Ha 'was Hung' Mi 'cake', Hai 'cake' junior, shot dead at this karaoke bar.

Phuc "Bo" is the nickname of Nguyen Thi Phuc, a famous gang boss of Hanoi in the late 1990s, who was a character at the same time as Khanh Trang. 

In the name of the loading and unloading teams, transporting goods for small businesses, Phuc "Bo" led a blatantly black gang of bullies to bully and pinch the merchants. There are even accusations that these people have violated their accommodation, arrested unlawful people, lent money, recruited debt, and conducted dozens of hiring collisions that hurt some people. The strange point is that there are quite a lot of men in the face of Phuc Bo who have blood on their faces, and are genuine people. Phuc's gang raged the most in about 21 months. At this time, Phuc's gang "Bo" stormed traders at Phung Hung temporary market and some areas around Dong Xuan market. Although the leader of the gang, Phuc Bo brought his lover to be the leader of the loading and unloading team. Phuc is a person who has a good sense of organization when he sets up small loading and unloading teams in each area selling goods. She brought some juniors to be the team leaders and set out the daily amount to be paid to each person, each team, each group. The members all found ways to reach the target, otherwise they would be punished, or no more work. 

Due to many reasons, Phuc Bo and Khanh Trang have encountered each other many times, mainly to settle the territory of their gang activities. Many "payment" cases took place quite brutally. Typically, these two gangs' slash is near the Hang Dau bunker, which results in Phuc's lover, who is now the captain of the loading and unloading team, who has been eye-damaged by his junior brother. After many settlements, the two gangs' operating areas were finally established. Khanh Trang ruled the area of ​​Dong Xuan market and Phuc Bo governed the surrounding areas. Later, when arrested, Khanh was arrested before Phuc only briefly. Later, Khanh was executed, while Phuc was sentenced to 9 years in prison at Camp 5, Thanh Hoa.

Khanh "White", whose real name is Duong Van Khanh, is a leader of a gang of gangsters including 19 notorious Hanoi criminals in the last years of the 20th century. Khanh was born in 1956 in Hanoi; Arrested in the afternoon of May 24, 1996 at Khanh's private house at the house number of 31/10 Nguyen Thiep Street - Hanoi, brought to trial, was sentenced to death on October 13, 1998 at Cau Nga shooting school - Hanoi. According to the first instance and appellate criminal judgment, Khanh "White" committed four crimes: "murder", "robbery of citizens", "tax evasion" and "hiding criminals". Khanh had to receive the death sentence and had to pay to the State nearly 3.9 billion VND, including more than 3.5 billion VND of fine, 350 million VND of tax, court fee, and compensation for the victims ... 

Khanh "White" has an elegant appearance, but the student is considered a cold-blooded assassin wearing a loading and unloading captain. With elegant appearance and many charitable works, it is to cover the eyes of the world. However, Khanh "White" once had a very heavy acid dip and this was caused by the hammer knife boss Nguyen Viet Dung in Hai Phong. About the rumor rumors that: according to Nguyen Viet Dung's orders, Dung Ha's juniors from Hai Phong to Ha Noi thrown acid Khanh Trang, the captain of the loading and unloading team in Dong Xuan market. However, after giving up the mountain of money to heal scars but not all, Khanh still did not dare to threaten or play back Dung.

Major General Pham Xuan Quac, former Director of the Police Department Investigating Crime of Social Order (C14), the Ministry of Public Security is the Chief of the Judicial Department to arrest criminals "white" and party in Hanoi. 1996. Mr. Quac said that, in terms of summarizing the profession of the police industry, Khanh's "white" gang case remains an important milestone in assessing the dangerous evolution of criminal crime in Vietnam, from where it operates in the form of small gangs, begins to link together into large, well-organized criminal gangs with conservative activities, hooked up to gangsters, hiring and hiring and hiring debt. 

Although very quiet but Ngo Chi Thanh ("foot") is the true grandfather of Hai Phong in the 2000s. The "foot" is now in Canada. The upperclassmen such as Cu Ly, Cu So, Lam "old", Dung "Bac Kan", Oanh "Ha", Dung "AK", Dung "dui" and Dung "Ha" and even the Five Cam fear of a "leg" of a leg. Even Cam has to give up many discotheques and restaurants for Thanh's "legs" and underclassmen. 

Being "true" of his name is Ngo Chi Thanh. He loves to read the "Belgian shell" novel of writer Nguyen Hong, very fond of the character of the robber in the old and unremarkable station, raping the weak, healthy people. but help them when they are bullied, looted ... If Jiang Ho Hai Phong mentions Cu So with the bitterness, it reminds him of "foot" with an attitude of respect and fear. The "leg" has 3 criminal records of "Intentionally causing injury". At 26 years old, Thanh "legs" slashed a hoodlum who specialized in pickpockets, Cu So's juniors in the Iron market area were injured because he robbed an old lady. After that, Alone "foot" fight with 5.6 names until he collapsed his juniors to dare to rescue. Since then, this character has been placed on the same level as Cu So, Lam "old", Dung "Bac Kan", Dung "ha" is precious because Thanh has no strong rape, causing no problems with honest people. 

When the "work" of business fell into a stalemate, Thanh "foot" had "advised" Dung "Ha" a lot of ways, the country stepped to stay in the place of evil. When it comes to discouraging juniors, to avoid a tragic outcome for me and not wanting to get involved in the sin of the past, Thanh "foot" has to break her in peace to settle in Canada.

Phuong "Linh Hai" is the common name of Nguyen Tien Phuong, born in 1957, residing in the 5th unit of Ka Long ward, Mong Cai City, Quang Ninh - Director of Quang Phat Company Limited based in Mong Cai City, Quang Ninh Province. Nicknamed "Linh Linh" is the name associated with the parents' name. Subjects arrested for the murder happened on May 30, 2009. Two young men were shot in Luc Chan village, Hai Son commune, Mong Cai city, then kidnapped and taken to China and abolished. The nickname Phuong "Linh Hop" is also read by many people to be a much more "horrible" name: Phuong "Soul", ie the great singer of Quang Ninh, who "screams fire, says someone hears, threatens Some people are afraid, flattering people ... run ". 

Growing up from an unjust child, living in a busy trading area like Mong Cai, Phuong became increasingly rogue. Abandoning petty theft, Phuong stood up for the small smugglers to go through the city. Seeing the business more and more money, Phuong went further than to open the berths to collect loading and unloading services and transshipment of goods. After a period of operation, he had a self-made wharf transporting goods along the river and considered it his own way. Some rare and precious items, banned from export such as sapwood, pangolin, and crocodile ... are still easy to get across the border. 

In the period of 2006-2007, Sua timber is a rare and precious timber, banned from export, but there are still a few containers in the hands of Phuong. Phuong also waved money by punishing, taking over his friends to dominate lucrative items. If someone doesn't cooperate, he tells the authorities to take their goods. Many shippers are white, and the tycoons earn billions each month. Having a lot of money, many hands and feet, Phuong calculated to open a multi-business company named Quang Phat. He left his old wife, took a young wife, turned your wife into his wife. Phuong also built a big house to occupy the whole street, and bought a "big" car. With the label of businessmen, Phuong is more and more easy to do business and more and more cheeky "watch out with him". Until one day, the crime was exposed, when Phuong directed the juniors to kill two employees of Hong Kong Company just because of competing for the location, the yard, causing bodies.