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These 10 allegedly 'useless' inventions have changed the whole lives of people

Cập nhật: 17 thg 6, 2019 lúc tháng 6 17, 2019

Great inventions that change our lives have actually been 'estranged' by experts and people living in that period. The reality has proved the opposite thanks to their contributions in everyday life. Let's explore the inventions that were once thought to be 'useless' but are actually 'useful'.
1. "The train is Satan's will"
Imagine what life would be like without a train? This is a great invention in making one of the most important vehicles and growing. However, in 1821 the idea of ​​building rails and transporting people by train encountered the objections of clergy who thought it was a conspiracy to transport evil spirits, and Doctors at that time even believed that traveling at speeds exceeding 40 km / h could be harmful to health.

2. "No one needs an alternating current"
This is a quote from Thomas Edison before Nikola Tesla's initiative to create an electric motor that uses a multiphase electrical system, which helps to transmit electric current farther and more vigorously. The reason is because this initiative will affect Edison Light's number one position, Edison has focused on attacking the safety of the system. He gave a series of evidence that this electrical system is not safe. People call this event a "Power battle". However, as we have seen, the current AC motor system is the main transmission system used worldwide. 

3. "Electric light bulbs are useless"
The remark of the British Parliamentary Committee when referring to Edison's invention of the electric light bulb in 1878: "... is also good for our friends across the ocean, but not enough to draw attention to scientific world or real-minded people ”. And Henry Morton, president of the Stevens Institute of Technology, commented, "Everyone is familiar with miserable inventions." The invention of the first incandescent light bulbs (pictured on the left) is said to be "useless", has been "useful" and indispensable in everyday life.

4. "Vaccines are harmful to health"
There were doctors at the time who believed that the vaccine was a "strange" thing and harmful to human health. Although it has merit in completely eliminating smallpox and almost disappearing from other diseases, there are still some who believe that the vaccine is extremely dangerous and should be avoided for their children. However, vaccines today have proven vaccination to be the most effective preventive measure to reduce the incidence and mortality rates of human infectious diseases.

5. "Radio will be boring and quickly" disgraced "
Television (TV) has not received the trust of the people and has been criticized by some inventors - typically "the father of radio" Lee de Forest. As we see, they were completely wrong. Perhaps, that whole view is simply because they envy other people's achievements.

6. "Spacecraft will not take off"
Once again, we refer to Lee de Forest, who said "will not believe any future spacecraft will be out of the atmosphere". Yuri Gagarin answered Forest and all the skeptics by flying away from Earth on Vostok-1. After that humans were able to visit the Moon (which some people still don't believe), and may eventually conquer Mars.

7. "Lamborghini can only produce tractors"
It all started with Ferruccio Lamborghini, the owner of an Italian tractor company, bought a Ferrari 250 GT, and then found a problem with the clutch. He went to Ferrari and asked them to replace the clutch better. However, Enzo Ferrari said: "He is just a tractor maker and knows nothing about sports cars". Lamborghini immediately decided to set up a car maker with the goal of bringing more perfect sports cars. On October 30, 1963, Automobili Lamborghini SpA was officially established in Sant'Agata Bolognese. Enzo Ferrari was wrong: Lamborghini not only repaired the mistakes of others, but also created his own great sports cars.

8. "Personal computer? Nobody needs it!"
In 1949, it was thought that "computer technology has reached its limit". This is claimed in 1977 by the head of the computer company Ken Olsen: "There is no reason to think that someone will want a computer at home!" And now what? It will be boring if we don't have a computer and the current personal laptops are an indispensable part of our work.

9. "Mobile phones will not be bought by anyone"
There are people who have said this: "I will never replace landline phones. Even if it is created, it will be too expensive." However, in 1973 the phones with the size of "brick" and weighed nearly 1 kg were still used by many people, then it was improved more compact, affordable. And today has become smart phones, something that is indispensable for every person.

10. "iPad will not be interesting for anyone"
One of the latest inventions, which has also been thought to fail. At that time, Simpson Carpenter joined the market research that felt that the iPad "was not able to attract buyers." But after only 18 months, 30 million devices have been sold worldwide, even people have to queue to buy it. And this proves once again that not all experts' predictions will be true in all cases.