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10 bộ phim điện ảnh Hàn dựa theo câu chuyện có thật khiến bạn bật khóc

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Hope talked about the girl named 'Hope' Im So Won, unfortunately on her way to school, she was harmed by a drunkard. The incident caused many physical and mental injuries for me. Thinking that So Won will not be able to overcome this pain, but with the love and concern of family and society, she is more courageous to continue her life. The horrible things in the movie are not fictitious but actually happen in real life, even more frightening.
1. Memory of Murder (2003)

Memory of Murder is a film based on a true murder that shocked the country of Korea. The film captures the true serial murder in Hwaseong City, Gyunggi Province between 1986 and 1991. The number of victims is up to 10 people, both young women are brutally murdered with the same method. So far, this case is still a big mystery because South Korean police cannot find the villain.

2. Silenced (2011)

The incident stems from the appellate trial of a school teacher for children with disabilities in Gwangju Province, South Korea. He was charged with forcing a 13-year-old girl with hearing loss and a sentence for the accused to be 1 year in prison. The judgment was too light that caused a stir in the Korean public opinion. The film Silenced (2011) was based on the above story to condemn the school sexual assault that was hushed in Korea and reenact the struggle for Justice of the victims.

3. Don't Cry, Mommy (2013)

Many viewers shuddered at the details of Don't Cry Mommy based on a real case that sparked Korean public opinion in 2004. It was a serious mass rape in Miryang, South Gyeong Sang. The victim is a 15-year-old female student and the culprit is 41 boys. In real life as well as in the film, due to the loose of law and the power of male families, the case was not considered. fair trial. Even the victim was exposed to identity and became a joke on the internet. In contrast, male students who are guilty of being able to live peacefully as if nothing happened. Don't Cry Mommy is a voice that requires fairness of the law, and faithfully reproduces pain, obsession and even memories that victims and families suffer.

4. Hope (2013)

Hope told about the girl named "Hope" Im So Won, unfortunately on the way to school, she was harmed by a crushed alcoholic. The incident caused many physical and mental injuries for me. Thinking that So Won will not be able to overcome this pain, but with love and concern of family and society, I have been more courageous to continue my life. The horrible things in the movie are not broken. the structure that actually happened in real life, even more frightening. The film based on the Korean pedophile pedophile case, the victim is an 8-year-old girl, she was forced and brutally tortured at a church's toilet while on the way home from school. The incident caused her to suffer from depression, voice damage, her inability to be a mother, and to wear fake anus as in the film described.

5. Cart (2014)

Sun Hee is a mother of two children who is a cashier in a large shopping center. She worked hard for 5 years to be a full-time employee and have a more stable salary. Many other people in the supermarket have the same hope as Sun Hee. But one day, every hope is broken when they receive information that contract staff will be fired without an explanation from the leader. Since then, small, non-verbal employees began to work together to organize protests and strikes for rights. The film is based on the scandal in 2007, when a supermarket chain belonging to Eland Group has voluntarily fired contract employees, mostly women, to "sidestep" the labor hire law. The fired employees went on strike, protesting for 512 days before the supermarket door until the problem was resolved.
6. Brilliant years (2014)

The brilliant years are Kim Ae Ran's adaptation of a novel of the same name, inspired by a real family in Korea. Ah Reum is the result of his love of students at the age of 18. by mom and dad, unfortunately i have premature aging. Therefore, although he was only 16 years old, the boy's face looked like an old man 80. With his pure and optimistic soul, Ah Reum painted simple dreams, his own fantasies. , rewriting the love story of parents' youth. Life is full of obstacles and difficulties, but the family of 3 people are still full of laughter together, cherish the short but brilliant years together.

7. Han Gong Ju (2014)

Cũng dựa trên vụ án cưỡng bức rúng động Hàn Quốc, Han Gong Ju tái hiện lại cuộc sống khổ sở của nữ sinh Gong Ju sau khi em cùng bạn của mình bị cưỡng hiếp tập thể bởi hơn 40 nam sinh khác. Người bạn kia đã tự sát còn Gong Ju bị ép buộc rời khỏi nơi mình sống để đến một nơi thật xa dưới áp lực của cha mẹ thủ phạm.Bộ phim đã lên án thái độ thờ ơ của xã hội, hiện tượng đổ lỗi nạn nhân của nhiều người - điều đã đẩy các nạn nhân vào bước đường cùng là cái chết.

8. Himalayas (2015)

The Himalayas is based on the true story of Um Hong Gil - Korea's leading mountain climber who completed 38 excursions in different mountain ranges. But this trip of Hong Gil is not to conquer the "roof" of the world, but the real purpose is to find the body of three fellow countrymen who unfortunately died here. From the touching story about The friendship, the Himalayas is a film about an unprecedented expedition in the history of Um Hong Gil and his friends: they have returned to the area called the Himalayan Dead Zone to find the body of a lost friend Park Moo Taek.

9. Last Princess (2016)

Last Princess adapted from the novel of the same name by writer Kwon Bi Young, which is also a biographical film about the life of Deok Hye - the last princess of the Joseon Dynasty. The man who lived a life of exile for 38 years in Japan when Joseon was invaded by Japan. In the film, Son Ye Jin plays Deok Hye, the princess was kidnapped by the Japanese colonial hostage, also a pleasure the last hope of the Korean people. She has a beautiful love for Jang Han, an independent guard warrior who is responsible for saving the princess to Korea safely.

10. Because I love you (2017)

Because I love you (2017) is a romantic movie - funny. The film is about musician Lee Hyung (Cha Tae Hyun), on the most important day of his life, he unfortunately encountered a car accident and coma. Since then, Lee Hyung has become a ghost of uneasiness, making it impossible for Cupid to heal his love for everyone to find his own piece of memory with the help of Scully (Kim Yoo Jung). Inspired by the life of talented musician Yoo Jae Ha, at the age of 25, he encountered a traffic accident and left when life was blooming. The song Because I love you (Saranghagi Ttaemune) used in the movie is also the last song Yoo Jae Ha dedicated to the girl he loves, who is also a musician.